What is SMILE Eye Surgery?

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Smile Eye Surgery

ReLEx SMILE is a form of laser eye surgery that corrects the vision, especially for people with extreme short-sightedness. An acronym for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, SMILE is a procedure that is minimally invasive and performed without the use of a blade.

How does it Work?

The SMILE Treatment is performed with the help of a Carl Zeiss VisuMax Laser. Undoubtedly, this is a very effective treatment and the number of patients benefiting from this particular Eye surgery in the UAE is increasing day by day. So let’s discover more about the details of the procedure:

  • The surgeon will first put in anesthetic eye drops just to numb the eye. These eye drops will ensure that the treatment is completely painless and does not cause any discomfort to the patient.
  • Next Step – The Carl Zeiss VisuMax Laser is used to place a number of pulses on the center of cornea.
  • The pulse from the laser creates tiny bubbles less than 1/100th of the width of a human hair. These bubbles create an outline for the tissue that needs to be removed.
  • A small connecting tunnel will be created by the laser that allows the surgeon to draw out the tissue. By removing the tissue, the surgeon is actually changing the shape of the cornea to improve the patient’s vision.

It only takes 15 minutes for the SMILE Eye surgery UAE procedure to be completed. And the laser in this procedure is only used for a very small proportion of the total time taken.

Who can undergo this treatment?

Unlike treatments like LASEK and LASIK, there is a wide range of people who can benefit from the SMILE Laser Eye surgery UAE. For those who have been told they are unsuitable candidates for other types of eye surgery to correct vision problems, ask your optometrist about the SMILE laser surgery. You may be a suitable candidate for this surgery if:

  • You cannot tolerate contact lenses
  • Your cornea is thinner than the average
  • You have moderate dry eyes

Pros of SMILE Laser Eye Surgery:

Some of the benefits include:

More People are Eligible for this Treatment:

Unlike LASEK and LASIK, more people are suitable candidates for this treatment mainly because the SMILE laser eye surgery is minimally invasive. This will come as a relief to those who have been told by doctors that they can’t have other types of eye surgeries because of their invasive nature.

No Chance of Flap Complication:

Usually, in other eye surgeries, a flap is created during the procedure due to which many complications can occur, such as the flap folding or moving during the procedure. But that’s not the case with SMILE Laser Eye Surgery because there is no flap needed – so the eye is more comfortable after the procedure.


Other eye surgeries take longer to complete, unlike the SMILE, which takes around 15-25 minutes to complete. Check out the article to discover more.