10 Best City Cars under $10k

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10 Best City Cars under $10k

To have a constrained spending plan and want to claim an auto is really an irritating thing to involvement. What’s more, it will unquestionably be a genuine annoyance regardless of where you are incorporating on the off chance that you are in Canada.

All things considered, we as a whole realize that there are such a significant number of autos offered in Canadian market since it has turned out to be one of the needs for the automaker is putting forth their autos. North America and Canada, in this way, are guaranteed to be the spots which can turn into the “rules” for the auto darlings.

Notwithstanding, still, to discover less expensive autos isn’t a simple activity. Be that as it may, it doesn’t imply that it is absolutely difficult to be finished. Here, we will discuss some city autos offered in Canada which is offered under 10k. On the off chance that you have a restricted spending plan, you might need to consider the autos said beneath.

The primary thing you should remember before we bear on about the audits of the auto underneath 10K is the way that you should never hope to get the spic and span auto. It is absolutely inconceivable on the off chance that you are hoping to get another auto with such spending plan. That is the reason here we will discuss the autos that have been discharged to the market a couple of years back.

Nonetheless, you should not surmise that those autos are not that great. A portion of the old autos are as yet sorted to be so magnificent. Things being what they are, would you say you are prepared for the audits?

Hyundai i10:

Hyundai i10

The first is Hyundai i10. Even though Hyundai is basically from South Korea but it has become one of the world-class automakers. And when it comes to the low budget city car from Hyundai, it seems that there is no better choice than Hyundai i10. The size is quite small but please don’t think it as the negative value of the car.

To be honest, such size has made it easier for you to drive the car. The car is able to let you enjoy the low cost when it is running. If you are wondering about the flaw, well, it might be related to the style. The design might not be as good as the similar car class like the city car from Kia, Kia Picanto, but still, Hyundai i10 is highly recommended by considering your budget.

Peugeot 208:

Peugeot 208

Second, we have Peugeot 208. Compared to the similar and predecessor car from Peugeot, the car seems to be the top notch. And Peugeot 208 has become the most sold car in its class in various countries in this world. Take the example of how this car is sold more than 30,000 units in the UK. And yes, it costs less than 10k if you want to get it.

2011 Kia Soul:

2011 Kia Soul

Kids bouncing off to college tote lots of boxes. And the Soul may be just the boxy appliance to deliver them. It gets impressive mileage and offers all of the features your child wants along with all of the safety features you demand. Kia’s Uvo connection system will play songs from a smartphone and enable hands-free calling to reduce distraction. The tall, upright driving position gives a good view ahead—although thick rear pillars create big blind spots. The engine revs loudly, and the Soul’s ride is jouncy. Still, the distinctive hatchback shape and versatility give the Soul a cool personality for your hipster-in-training.

2006 Hyundai Azera:

2006 Hyundai Azera

In case you are looking for a full-size sedan, you should consider getting 2006 Hyundai Azera. This vehicle is big in the class of city and sedan car. Therefore, you can expect to load so many things in it either it is stuff or passengers. And the comfort of this car is also top notch. You can see how the suspension is really smooth and it becomes the highlight of this car.

2007 Ford Fusion:

2007 Ford Fusion

2007 Ford Fusion is one of a few city cars under $10,000 which can give you stunning performance. It is all thanks to the greatness of the engine. With its V6 engine, you can roam around the city and you are able to ride it at high speed.

In addition to that, the comfort of the car is also highly considered. Therefore, although you ride the car at high speed, you will still be able to get the convenience.

Fiat 500:

Fiat 500

Third, Fiat 500 can also become your alternative for the city car below $10,000. However, it might not be that suitable for you who seek for a city car with modern design. It is because the design of this car is rather vintage.

However, this car is still able to attract the attention of the people in the auto market. In addition to the fact that this car is quite affordable, it is also low cost in its operation.

2006 Ford Escape:

2006 Ford Escape can become your next alternative especially if you are interested in getting an SUV. Yes, indeed, you are really able to get SUV with your limited budget. And the performance of this car is quite pleasing.

Not to mention the big space you can find inside. I know that 2016 Ford Escape is not a city car. But don’t you think you can simply ride an SUV in the city to load all of your family?

2007 Ford Freestyle:

2007 Ford Freestyle

2007 Ford Freestyle is another car from Ford which can be suitable for your budget. This car is so appropriate for your family and to haul around the city. However, perhaps, the design is not something you can be proud of. It’s quite boring but yet, it is still worth the money you spend.

2007 Scion TC:

2007 Scion TC

Among the alternatives mentioned before, perhaps, 2007 Scion TC can be said to be the funkiest ever. You can see it from the design of the car. It is a sleek coupe which will be able to make you become the center of attention once you hit the road by riding this car. And yes, this car will not make you spend a lot of money for sure.

2008 KIA Optima:

2008 KIA Optima

We still have another car from Kia. 2008 Kia Optima can also become your consideration. This car has greater in the back seat. You can find that the leg space is really big there. It means that if you are the passengers, you can surely get the comfort to ride this car. However, you should also notice that the performance of this car is rather lacking. But, it is enough for a city car.