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Do you know who Ashley  Graham is? It is going to be interesting to know about her.

Ashley  Graham is a shining star of the American media industry. She is a TV activist, an author, a producer, and a super-duper model. She owns a plus-size figure and is also renowned as a plus-sized model. Her interests were to make her body more attractive and made her a body activist by profession.

You may be kept in touch with a little bit of knowledge. But, now, I’m going to expose Ashley  Graham net worth, early life, age, career, husband, lifestyle, and many other facts. Are you getting curious?

She is a socially vibrant personality of the United States of America. Her love for modeling forces her to leave her education. And after getting her early education, she started her career in modeling. After that, her career was everything for her. She devoted herself and became the most confident well-known model of America.

Early Life of Ashley Graham

Ashley was born on 30 October 1987, and Lincoln, Nebraska in the US, is her birthplace. She grew up with a Midwestern Christian family. But, Ashley declared that it was not a happy marriage at all. Also, there is no sound knowledge about her father. But, Linda Graham is her mother.

She enjoyed her childhood with her two younger sisters. But she couldn’t enjoy it for a long time. She got her early education from scot west school and Lincoln southwest high school. She was diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and Dyslexia at this early age.

She steps into the modeling industry in her teenage life. The I & I agency spotted her while she was shopping in Omaha. She was only 12 years old; her weight was 150 pounds at that time. Ashley signed her first contract as a model with a famous agency of the state when she was only 13 years old in 2001.

After that, she signed a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models. It was an excellent achievement for her to participate in such a big modeling contest at this early age. After that, she moved to Simon with ford models in 2003.

Age, Lifestyle, Marriage, And Child Of Ashley Graham

Ashley is 36 years old, has a juicy personality, and has a stunning lifestyle. When she entered in 17th year of her life, she moved to New York and passed a crazy life. She used to spend her nights in clubs. There she drinks drugs and other alcohols more than limits. Consequently, she was hospitalized for having some treatment.

She loved to spend her money on fancy and hot designer dressing and bar tubs lavishly. Even though she didn’t need to buy drinks but, of course, love is love.

Meanwhile, she entered into an emotion-provoking life. She realized that she needs a man’s attention. Because she also remained deprived of her father’s attention. Ashley was the dream girl of so many young men when she was 19 by age, and her size was transformed from 14 to 18. Often, she talked about attractive body fitness because she wanted to make the other girls aware of their body structure and fitness.

So, finally, she chose a boyfriend who was a web developer. He chases Ashley with a butcher’s knife. She was scared of him, ended all types of terms and relations with him, and started visiting the church. It is the turning point of her life.

Do you guess? Yes, she met her husband Justin Ervin in the church in 2009. She didn’t celebrate any bed relation with him but waited for getting married. Finally, after one year of their meeting, they got married in 2010. Justine was a videographer who became the lucky guy for Ashley. They also have a baby boy, Isaac, who was born in 2020.

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Body Structure, Height, and Weight

Ashley is a plus-sized, most celebrated American model and body activist, having 18 sizes. Her height is 5.9 inches. Her beautiful height added to her beauty. Her dark brown eyes and dark brown hair also made her enticing. She weighs 91 kg after being a successful plus-sized TV activist personality.

Ashley Graham Net Worth

Modeling Career of Ashley

Ashley is a part of the modeling industry since 2000. In 2003, she was assigned her first modeling project. At the start of her career, she started appearing in small magazines. In April 2007, she took part in the prolific magazine for the first time.

When she passed a decade of her modeling career, she was able to earn $100,000 through her commercials, fashion brand advertisements, and TV shows.

Most of the time, she worked with international agencies like Parable Gurung, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Siriano, Rag and Bone and, Michael Kors. These big companies made her more and more prosperous. Besides this, she began to cover many magazines hot and attractive, like Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Grazia, Vogue, and Maxim.

After that, she worked as a backstage host for annual editions of Miss USA and Miss Universe, from which she earned $500,000. Then, surprisingly, she became the official judge of the VH1 reality show “America’s next top talent.” It raised her popularity and money to the next level.

She became a part of sports illustrated annual “swimsuit issues.” She was the first lady who appeared in the 2016 swimsuits. She took part in the ad when she was 27 years old.


Ashley Justine has an attractive body. There are many fans of her globally. She maintained her figure in the most appealing size and also educated other people to maintain their bodies.

As a result, she gained the ‘Glamour’ award of body activist and ‘Shorty’ award for best activism. She is very confident in her way and likes to use ‘My size’ instead of the ‘Plus size’ word.

Ashley Graham Net Worth

Ashley is renowned for her handsome earnings. She earned it from TV host shows, modeling, brand advertisements, and reality shows. Ashley  Graham net worth was estimated at $12 million, but as of 2024, Ashley  Graham net worth raised to $18 million.

She added much value in accepting plus-size figures and making them attractive. She was the first lady who appeared for swimsuit brands. She introduced new trends in the fashion world. Her efforts to gain this alluring position are price-worthy. She set a new way for the upcoming youngsters in the fashion industry.


Ashley is a well-known personality of the American media. A name in the magazine’s hot topics is, of course, Ashley Justine. She made her name in the fashion industry at a very early age. Her sparking fame spread in the world rapidly, and people started getting involved in her love.

Moreover, she is a matchless personality in modeling. She made her personal life successful by choosing her life partner and was blessed by the cute sweet baby boy. As of 2024, Ashley  Graham net worth raised to $18 million.Ashley