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Barbara Joan Streisand was born was April 14, 1942, in Brooklyn. She is a well-known American Singer, Actress, and Filmmaker with a height of 1.65m. She has a current Net worth of $400 million as of Jan 6, 2021.

She achieved this net worth by sheer determination and passion, and she is just getting started. She had to face failure many times in her life but didn’t ever drift away from her goal. Barbra has won 2 Oscars and 8 Grammys.

Barbra always had a dream of being successful and have a big name. She had a great voice but had to face some family issues as she didn’t have a father. She released her first album in 1963 at the age of 21 years of age.

She has a fantastic voice because of which she had sold more than 150 Million records of her album all over the world. Barbara has also acted in a few films and won awards. She owns many beautiful houses and is the mother of Jason Gould.

Want to know more about how Barbra made all this wealth? Keep Reading.

Early Life

Barbra was born in 1942 that makes her 78 years old. She released her first album in 1963 when she was 21. Diana Streisand and Emmanuel Streisand are her parents. She grew up without a father, as Emmanuel died when she was one.

Her mother was a musician but later became a school secretary. She always craved a father’s love. Diana brought-up her alone but couldn’t give her the proper time. For the first time, she recorded a song with her mother that started a spark in her.

Barbra used to sing songs and was well known in the neighborhood because of her voice. She wanted to be an actress as it was her first-ever goal since she was 14. In 1967, She did her first stage play. She graduated at the age of 16 from Erasmus Hall in 1959.

Barbra’s mother didn’t want her to into show business, but still, she started to search for roles. She also changed her name from Barbara to Barbra at the age of 18 as she wanted a unique name without even changing her name.

Barbra Streisand Personal Life

Personal Life

Barbra has a long list of people that she has dated. She has been married twice, First to Elliot Gould in 1963 from which she has a son and then James Brolin in 1998 but don’t have any child from him.

She dated Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau in 1970. Then in 1973, she was in a relationship with John Peters. In 1987 she was with Don Johnson. She has had many romantic relationships with several people in the mid-1990s, including Liam Neeson, Peter Jennings, Peter Weller, and Jon Voight.

She has many dogs as she is a dog lover and even cloned one of her dogs as she loved her.

Professional Life

Barbra started her professional career when she was 21 when she released her first album in 1963. Before this, she sang in different night clubs in New York. Till now, she has recorded over 50 albums.

She started with the album, My name is Barbra, which became a television hit and was liked by many people. After that, she kept on singing and releasing songs and doing shows.

In the 1970s, she became prominent due to her top 10 songs including, The way we were, No more tears, etc. After that, she made a storming entry into the film industry. She was the first featured in Funny Girl, which became a Broadway hit.

She founded her own company, Barwood Films, in 1972 and did her company’s first film, Up the Sandbox. She did acting for many more years and appeared in, Meet the Fockers, which was a comedy film in 2004 after a bit of a gap. She also composed many films for the company.

She was taking her singing career along and did a live three-hour concert in 2012. She has been releasing many albums since then and is still on the roll. She has sold over 150 Million records of her songs and albums.

Awards and Achievements

Barbra has always been exceptional due to which she has won a lot of awards and have loots of achievements that are:

For Singing

Grammy Awards:

  • Won the “Album of the Year 1963” for the album “The Barbra Streisand.”
  • Also Won the “Best Female Vocal Performance” for the above album in 1963
  • Won the “Best Female Vocal Performance” for “People” in 1964
  • “My Name is Barbra” won “Best Female Vocal Performance” in 1965
  • “Evergreen” won “Best Pop Female Vocal Performance” and “Song of the Year” in 1977
  • “Best Pop Vocal Performance” for “Guilty” in 1980
  • “Best Pop Female Vocal Performance” for “The Broadway Album” in 1986
  • Grammy Legend Award in 1992
  • Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994

People’s Choice Award:

  • Favorite Female Singer of the Year in 1975
  • Favorite All-Around Female Entertainer in 1985
  • Favorite All-Time Musical Performer in 1988

AGVA Georgie Award:

  • Singing Star of the Year in 1972
  • Singing Star of the Year in 1977
  • Singing Star of the Year in 1980

For Films

Academy Awards:

  • Best Actress for Funny Girl in 1969
  • Best Original Song for Evergreen in 1977

Golden Globe Awards:

  • Best Actress in a Motion Picture for Funny Girl in 1970
  • Best Actress in a Motion Picture for Evergreen in 1977
  • Best Original Song for Evergreen in 1977
  • Henrietta World Film Favorite in 1978
  • Best Director for Yentl in 1984
  • Best Motion Picture for Yentl in 1984
  • Cecil B. DeMille Award of Lifetime Achievement in 2000

Barbra Streisand Net Worth

Barbra Streisand Net Worth

Barbra has worked hard to be where she is now with a net worth of $400 Million, and she Is still determined to make it more.

Songs and Albums:

She has sold over 150 Million records of her 50 albums recorded with California Studios. She has made a fortune from it as it has become the primary source of income for her.


Barbra wanted to be an actor from the beginning. She founded her own film company and directed many films and worked in a few of them. She made a lot of worth from here as she used to produce, compose and film the movie single-handedly.

Real Estate:

Barbra owns the real estate of almost equal to $100 Million. She holds many properties, and according to today’s market, it can be up to $200 Million.

Art Collection:

She has her art collection worth more than $100 Million, but the exact value is still unknown.

Houses and Cars:

Barbra owns a house in Malibu that is also known as her Dreamhouse. She has built the house with extraordinary architecture and has a Mall in the house’s basement.

The complete info about her houses and cars is still not public, but our team is on it and will update it when we get it.

Facts about Barbra Streisand

A few interesting facts about Barbra Streisand are listed below:

  • She is ranked #51 in America’s Self-Made Women 2019
  • Barbra has won Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, and Tony Awards.
  • She is the only singer to have the No.1 album for six consecutive decades.
  • In 2018, she released an album against Trump’s policies.
  • She changed her name to Barbra from Barbara when she was 18
  • Her mother was jealous of her due to her voice and success.
  • She performed for the first time in a PTA meeting.
  • She felt live an outcast because her father died when she was one.
  • She wanted to be an actor more than a singer.
  • She owns a charitable foundation.
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom was given to her in 2015
  • She loved her dog so much that she got her cloned

Final Thoughts

Barbra has worked with passion and determination to achieve great things. She had a goal in mind of becoming an actress that she also completed, but she became a sensation due to her stunning voice.

We can learn that it is okay if you sometimes fail because it is part of life. The only thing that values is that you keep moving forward, succeed, or lose and don’t stop until you achieve your goal.