10 Best Wireless Routers For 2017

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Best Wireless Routers

The evolution of technology is a blessing for human beings. Life is getting much organized and sophisticated. We have witnessed various phases and changes of technology. Invention of wireless routers has helped us in different ways. Some of the best wireless routers for 2017 are discussed in this article.

1) Google Wifi:

Google Wifi

There is no need of purchasing expensive Wifi extenders because Google Wifi is available now. It gives smooth internet signals to the entire house without any Wifi extender. It is not only efficient but quite cheap. You can enjoy uninterrupted movies and online gaming.

2) Netgear Orbi:

Netgear orbi is like a Google Wifi. It can also be used to enhance Wifi signals in the entire house without buying the Wifi extenders. It gives excellent coverage and is quite fast to make your internet surfing experience continuous and fast. It is bit pricey but is much better than other wireless routers.

3) Starry Station:

Starry Station

Starry station is another wireless router. It is quite elegant and has a touchscreen LCD making it more user-friendly and it also covers long ranges. You can keep it on your desk or table. It is stylish and bit pricey for long range coverage and fastest speeds.

4) Synology RT2600ac:

Synology RT2600ac

The interface of Synology is easy to use and it is more like web interface. It has tons of features which make it worth spending money in. it has 4 GB built in storage to optimize your surfing experience. It gives fast service and is quite pricey.

5) Linksys WRT 3200 ACM:

his wireless router gives you unrestricted control to your wireless connections. The design of this router is not that nice but it offers so many functions which makes it best. Users use this wireless router because it is speedy and cheap.

6) Zyxel Armor Z2 AC2600:

This wireless router is equipped with MU-MIMO Support which enhances its speed and it can support multiple devices simultaneously without affecting the speed of internet. It is able to handle ample traffic which is why it is getting popular among.

7) Linksys Velop:

Linksys Velop

This wireless router is doing a successful business in the market because it is quite efficient and easy to use as compared to other wireless routers. Linksys Velop is pricey but it still it has an edge over other wireless routers due to its speed.

8) Asus RT-AC88U:

Asus RT-AC88U

It has four antennas and is destined to enhance the signals of internet. You can now enjoy fast internet at your home. It supports various devices and you can get this wireless router at costly rates but it justifies its price because of its efficiency and multiple features.

9) Netgear Nighthawk X4S VDSL:

This wireless router has an exquisite design along with fast speed. It offers expanded connectivity features and is available at affordable rates.

10) Linksys WRT1900:

Linksys WRT1900

This wireless router is quite powerful and is well recognized for boosting internet signals. It supports various devices without affecting its speed and flow. The rates are higher but features are multiple which justify its worth.

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