How to Look 10 Years Younger: 6 Effective Bra Fit Tips

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Bra Fit Tips

A lot of women today underestimate the value and importance of wearing a bra that is well fitted. If you wear a bra that is too big or tight and it doesn’t have your breast supported the way you want can have a reflection on the way you appear. You have put some efforts to make you look your best, what you don’t need is bra making it look like you have aged.

Am I asked often if there is any secret thing someone can do to look younger? Are there facial creams out there or some fashion trends for women over 40 to look younger? The answer to these questions are quite simple and it can really make a difference instantly- Change your bra!

If you are asked to picture a tired looking lady in your mind, am sure the first thing that comes to your mind is a bust line that is sagging. So when your breast is dropping low, coming out on both sides of the bra, you will look like an old lady.

Been youthful is perky that why it’s crucial you have your right bra for lift and support.

There are few bra tips we have listed below which can help you to look younge.

1) Tighten the Band:

Tighten the Band

Most people are putting on a band which is too big for them. The band is where almost all the support is from if the band of your bra doesn’t fit then you will have the bra drooping. When a bra band is too free you will notice it riding up your back, which makes tits straps to be slipping and allows the bra cups to drop down and forward.

When the bra drops low you won’t lose the support only but you will also have your breasts sagging which would cover up your shape and waist.

If you want to have to buy a new one, start first with the hook that is the tightest. This way when it stretches you can still the snug.

2) Get a Fit that is Professional:

Get a Fit that is Professional

It’s no news that your breast size is not exactly the same breast size you had some years back when you were young, so your bra has to be different from those you wore then. The changes we have in our weight and our hormones fluctuations either due to menopause or pregnancy has made our breasts more pendulous and fatty.

It’s good to have a professional fit since we don’t have two bras or bust looking alike. You will be amazed by the difference this would make for you fitting right.

3) Keep it to the Centre:

Keep it to the Centre

This is a trick to keep fit. When you are dressing up, lean forward and have your breast spill into the bra. Stand up slowly and have your nipples adjusted in a way that they are at the center of your cups. You should have your bra centered lie on your breastbone flat. It’s also the same thing for bras that are underwire too.

4) Don’t allow Overflow:

Don’t allow Overflow

Do you always have your cups running over? Am talking about those flabby tissues you do have at the sides when you put on your bra. The breast tissue belongs inside the bra cup on the sides. If you notice they are spilling out, you have to put them back in and up and if it seems it’s not working, try and get another one.

5) Layout a Bralette that is Cute:

Layout a Bralette that is Cute

While a lot of women do think that is those women that have a smaller bust that is supposed to make use of a bralette. But that isn’t the case. If you are wearing a top that is cut out or has a neckline that is plunging, make sure your bralette is showing while you get the support you need by having a lace bralette ben laid on your basic bra. You can be able to stay supported and modern this way

6) Sports Bra Sized:

Sports Bra Sized

While you are keeping it in mind how a bad bra can make you look old, you shouldn’t also forget about the sports bras too. Is very bad for the breast tissue when you are putting a sports bra that is bad because during activities that are athletic if your breasts format have adequate support it can cause the breasts to stretch and sag. It’s better to put on a sporting bra that has supper support. Which means the straps and bands should be adjustable.


Remember that if you put on a bra that is well fitting it will make your bust look good and it will also improve your posture.

Try and follow the high listed tips listed above for you to have that youthful look you have always wanted. Enjoy the groove!!!

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