Top Camping Essentials for Experienced Campers

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Camping Essentials

Hey, are you looking forward to going on a camping adventure? There are essential items that you will need to make your stay in the camp comfortable. Here are the most crucial items that are a must have:

1) Levelers:


The site where you pitch your tent may not be flat, so you will need leveling blocks or leveling ramps. This will help in supporting your stuff from falling off, giving you a comfortable stay.

It’s good to choose the ones which are light and easy to set up.

2) Torch:


This is a must-have item when going camping. You will need it at night when going to the toilet or checking out something. A waterproof, solar charged camping torch will be a good option.

Hey and remember to carry extra torches, just in case.

3) Water Tanks:

Water Tanks

This will be necessary for your water usage and storage. It should be accompanied by a hosepipe.

4) Utensils and Cutlery:

Utensils and Cutlery

You will need these for your meals or even snacks. The best choices are those that can withstand dropping and bashing when moving. Pack them early enough so as not to forget anything.

5) Foldable Chairs and Table:

Foldable Chairs and Table

You will need a comfortable chair when enjoying that evening breeze or basking out in the sun.

Get comfortable padded chairs that are easy to fold and carry around.

6) Portable Propane Fire Pit:

Portable Propane Fire Pit

Enjoy the evening around a fireplace with your family and friends as you share the day’s events.

7) Beddings:


You will need a comfortable place to rest after the day’s adventure. Selection of beddings will depend on the weather of the camping site. If it cold, you will need heavy blankets and duvets to keep you warm.

8) Portable Barbecue:

Portable Barbecue

Enjoy that outdoor barbecue with a portable barbecue that can be easily folded when not in use and it’s easy to carry around.

9) Tire Inflator:

Tire Inflator

It is good to equip yourself with a tire inflator, just in case you experience a low tire pressure.

10) Solar Charger:

Solar Charger

This will come in handy for charging your smartphone, camera, laptop or any other electronic device. One that can easily be folded and can charge more than one device will be a good option.

11) Portable Wi-Fi:

Portable Wi-Fi

Do you love staying online and you don’t want to be unplugged from the rest of the world when you go camping? Get a portable Wifi hotspot for your smartphone, Laptop, tablet and other gadgets.

12) Portable Coffee Maker:

Portable Coffee Maker

You will need coffee to give you that relaxed feeling. So get a coffee maker that doesn’t require electricity, is light and it’s easy to use and clean.

13) Portable Toilets:

Portable Toilets

A toilet is a very important facility that we cannot do without. Having a portable toilet will make your camping life comfortable. This is because you will not have to wake up at night or wee hours of the morning and walk a long distance looking for a toilet.

There are several types of portable toilets; it just depends on what you want. Here are some of the best portable toilets suitable for camping.

  • Thetford Porta Potti Tube: This one can be flushed. It has a waste collecting tank at the bottom which can be emptied in a regular toilet.
  • Fineway Portable Toilet: This is a seat that has a bucket inside. It is cheap, easy to carry and clean it.
  • Branq’s Portable Camping Toilet: This is a bucket with a place to sit on. It should be used and emptied into the regular toilet.
  • Dometic Toilet: This one works just like the Thetford but it has a pipe for emptying the waste with a flush.
  • Bivy Loo: This one can be folded easily and it has some powder inside which absorbs the liquid instantly. A biodegradable bag should be used inside.
  • Olpro’s Loo To Go: This is a bucket with a seat around it. It is affordable but heavy.
  • Peebol: This is a small bag which is designed with a cardboard rim to create a standing toilet for women when they hold it against their bodies. It has powder inside which absorbs the liquid instantly.
    There are many other portable toilets on the market. Just check and see what really suits your needs.

There are also other items that can be necessary to take with you for camping like:

  1. Camera
  2. Hammocks
  3. Lithium jump starter