What is the Importance of a Transmission for the Car?

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Car Transmission

The term transmission in automobiles refers to the gearbox, which provides torque and speed conversions from a power source to another device. Most specifically, it is a machine, which transfers the power from the automobile engine to the driving wheels. This entire transmission system includes the gear box, universal joints, propeller shaft, clutch, rear axle, and wheels.

Transmission is the main unit of a car, which helps you to run the car smoothly. When you face any trouble in your car’s transmission system, you need to replace the transmission fully. It will cost you a large amount, and you have to wait for a longer time to recover the car in your previous condition. In such cases, you can opt for the transmission rebuilds services and you can save your cost through this process. In addition, it will take few days only.

What Are The Types Of Transmissions?

  • Manual Transmission: It is the most ancient and simple transmission type, which is still used modestly. Here, gear ratios are selected by manually shifting a gear selector mechanism. It uses a clutch controlled by the foot pedal or hand lever to transmit engine power to the transmission through an input shaft. Thereafter, a set of gears are involved and a gear selector fork is linked to the shifter, which is functioned by the drivers. Manual transmission can be fully controlled by the drivers only and it can be easily repaired and restored within few days. If you have a manual transmission in your car, then you can also check and repair the unit by consulting normal technicians.
  • Fully Automatic Transmission: Automatic transmission is the very common nowadays. There are a gear set and a series of clutches, and the driver has to selector from the options like Park (P), Neutral (N) or Drive (D) and the shifting will be done automatically. The easy operative mode of this transmission can provide you smooth driving experience. However, if you face any trouble in this transmission then you need to hire some certified professional to fix the problems. This transmission is designed with complex automobile engineering applications, and it needs to be maintained according to the manufacturer guidelines.
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): It provides a similar driving experience as that of an automatic transmission but has a completely different operating mechanism. It does not use gears instead functions through pulleys and belts. This type has a vehicle computer, which adjusts the pulleys and develops optimal ratio for a specific driving condition.
  • Semi-Automatic and Dual-Clutch Transmissions: Semi-automatic transmission is a hybrid version having features of the manual as well as fully automatic transmission. The mechanical layout of the transmission is manual but uses actuators and pneumatics to adjust gears.

Automatic Transmission

Whereas, in a dual-clutch transmission (DCT), different clutches are used for even and odd gears. Here, the gearboxes can be operated automatically or manually both ways. The features of Semi-Automatic and DCT transmissions are found in sports and racing cars, which are very expensive to buy.

Benefits of the Transmission System:

Transmission is the main unit of the car which controls several things like electrical power supply of the car to the engine, brake system, torque reactions, wheel rotations and alignment and clutch system. Transmission can allow to the driver to decide the right alignment of the wheel, and through this system the driver can also use the sudden brake to save your life.

If you face any trouble with your transmission system, then you need to replace the transmission or you can rebuild the transmission. It is better to consult with certified transmission services in this regards.