Adjustable CellRobot is 100 Robots in One

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CellRobot was one of the cooler robots we saw at CES 2016. Located in the Robotics Marketplace, its a product that can by customized by linking up to 100 separate bots.

We had a chance to get hands on with CellRobot (watch the video below), which works like the cells in our bodies, working together to create life and functions, our robotic cells serve as the essential building blocks.

The “heart” is the epicenter of CellRobot, supplying the power to all the other modules and the connection to your smartphone or tablet, which is used as the controller. The “heart” has a charge port, six-hole speaker, power indicator, a small screen, and the standard round snap-twist connectors.

It also houses the Bluetooth 4.0 transceiver that connects to your cellphone, as well as Wi-Fi, and Zigbee to connect to the other cells. The 2200 mAh lithium battery will run four cells for about 30 minutes, or one cell for five hours.

The “Cell” is the frame and muscle of CellRobot. Inside each Cell is a servo motor, a sensor and an independent MCU (Microprogrammed Control Unit). Once connected to Heart, each Cell can be directed to move in any direction and angle you wish.

CellRobot has x-cells that add move functionality, including wheels, wheels, clamps, spotlights, and even camera. CellRobot’s smartphone app features a “guide mode” that will show you how to put your cells together the right way, or you could use “custom mode” that lets you assign any movements to the shape that you’ve assembled.

CellRobot Parts

KEYi Technology, a group of “Ivy League Chinese Robot Geeks” and maker of CellRobot, still has a long way to go with the project. The company launched a Kickstarter , but it was cancelled after raising just about half of its $75,000 goal.

Source: Robotic Strends