4 Innovations About to Change the Face of Smart Homes

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Change the Face of Smart Homes

Homeowners looking to save time and money embrace smart home technology. Top brands offer TVs, doorbells, washing machines, and dishwashers that can connect to your smartphone using apps and personal assistants. Now, innovative companies are taking the next steps to develop complex devices that provide more personalized experiences.

Motion-Activated Air Conditioning:

Smart thermostats let you program your HVAC system, so you’re not spending money to heat or cool your house while you’re away. Motion-activated air conditioning expands on this idea. Now you don’t have to tell your thermostat that you’re home or set a schedule. Motion sensors automatically react to movement inside the home and turn on the air conditioning when needed.

Robot Floor Cleaners:

Robotic vacuums are getting an upgrade, too. Deebot’s Ozmo mops and vacuums for you. Link the Ozmo to Amazon Alexa so it can clean on command. Ozmo uses its proprietary Smart Navi to map out your home’s floor space and create a custom cleaning plan to avoid missing any nooks and crannies. For small messes, you can use the custom mode to target a specific area of the floor.

You can monitor the robot’s progress and schedule the cleaning time when it’s convenient for you. The machine utilizes a carpet sensor to deep-clean both rugs and hard floors during the same cleaning cycle.

Multi-Tasking Water Filters:

You can stop feeling guilty for using plastic water bottles. Join rOcean’s mission to rid the oceans of used plastic. Let the rOcean One water filter help you do your part to protect the environment. Instead of buying water, you can filter, carbonate, and flavor it straight from the tap. You can operate the device with Alexa or Google Home.

The filter’s small countertop design will fit into almost any size kitchen. The rOcean One’s crowd-funded launch sold out quickly. The next round of inventory should be available soon and you can pre-order a smart filter now. You’ll never have to buy wasteful plastic water bottles again.

Kinetic Desks:

Furniture is catching up with the smart homeowner’s needs, too. If you sit at a desk in your home office for extended periods, it’s essential to get up and stretch regularly. Sitting all day can lead to the same health risks caused by obesity and smoking. The Stir Kinetic Desk M1 is here to help you stay fit. You can convert your desk to a standing position with a swipe of the touchscreen control panel.

Once your desk gets to know you after about 20 days of use, this smart desk will remind you to change positions and stay healthy. Choose the perfect tabletop height from 25 inches to 50.5 inches. Stir’s Kinetic Desk is enabled for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can set your height preferences and store that data in the cloud. You can also pair the desk with a Fitbit.

Is your smart home due for an upgrade? Check out these latest innovations and see which ones work for you. Try out newer devices that offer convenient control through sensors and smartphone apps to make your life easier.