Concrete Pumping – Type, Benefits & Functions

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Concrete Pumping

Concrete plays a vital role in all construction projects and offers strength, durability, and stability to the completed structure. Moreover, it is one of the major elements used in bridges, office and shop buildings that gives them the ability and integrity to withstand years of exposure to the natural components and constant use.

In a construction project, as we know, concrete is the significant element used, it needs to be made available to the areas where needed. This process is called concrete pumping.

Due to the unique characteristics and benefits of concrete pumping, it has become the most sought-after technique to perform concrete pouring.

Today, in a majority of the construction projects, concrete pumping is popularly used to move concrete around the location. Concrete pumping is carried out with the help of concrete pumps.

There are primarily three types of concrete pumps:

  1. Boom or truck mounted pump
  2. Trailer, line, or stationery pump
  3. Specialised usage pump

Concrete pumps are used in the following construction projects:

  • Residential projects- foundations, patios, and walls
  • Agricultural projects- barns, silos, sheds, and bunkers
  • Civil projects- water treatment plants, hydro stations, and bridges
  • Industrial or commercial projects- ice rinks, shopping centers, factories, and high-rise buildings

Let us know some of the key benefits of hiring concrete pumping.

Offers Quality Concrete:

Though building professionals use a high-grade concrete purchased from a reliable supplier, concrete pumping allows very little water to be mixed in the process. Thus, it produces high-quality concrete with reduced risks of cracks and shrinkage. As a result, the concrete generated requires less maintenance and stays in excellent condition for a prolonged period.

Reduces Labour Cost:

The traditional method of concrete pumping required unloading it into wheelbarrows and then, transporting it to the desired location. However, with a concrete pump, the labour cost is reduced. It is the quick and convenient way of carrying out the task. The concrete pump does the heavy lifting, which otherwise you need to do with the help of workers.

Increases Productivity:

With concrete pumping, the labourers do not need to carry the concrete into the wheelbarrows and shovel it around the site. They can concentrate on other major components of the project. Therefore, it increases the productivity of the overall construction site and saves time and energy. Moreover, the concrete pumping makes the concrete available to the exact site location when needed. So, it also helps to have a precise and accurate process. As a result, it requires less time for cleaning and also reduces spillages, further improving the productivity.

Offers Accurate And Precise Pouring:

With concrete pumping, you can have a precise pouring. It means that there will be ensured waste reduction and time-saving. You can have a better pour of concrete directly into the desired location without needing another link in the chain of transportation. As a result, there are fewer chances of wastage of time, energy, and concrete. Moreover, there are fewer chances for the concrete to get contaminated by waste products and debris.

Easy Access:

A construction job site consists of awkward locations to make the concrete available. With a concrete pump, you can deliver concrete from the truck to the pouring location over a long distance. You can also use a boom to elevate the concrete over apartments and other tall structures.

Reduces Site Congestion:

During the execution of your construction project, you will require several labourers to perform various tasks on the site. It will create a kind of traffic jam on the site at some point in time. Also, it is likely to have congestion on the job location due to human errors. With concrete pumping, you can effectively avoid having site congestion to a great extent, with the reduced number of workers.

Increases The Speed Of Concrete Pouring:

When you have undertaken a construction project, you know the significance of speed. You can make the concrete pouring task simpler and quicker by hiring concrete pumping. The pumping equipment is launched on trucks to make them quickly available to all locations of the site.

By hiring concrete pumping for your project, you can have a faster concrete placement and can meet your deadline easily. Also, you can be sure of having quality work.

Concrete pumping is thus, beneficial in several ways to all the people concerned for carrying out the relevant construction tasks.