5 Cool Car Related Technologies to Upgrade in The Year of 2018

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Cool Car Technologies

This is the era of modernization, and the latest technologies are emerging in our daily life. The automotive industry is also getting advanced with the passage of time. The Consumer Electric Show (CES) is a platform which is responsible for the introduction of the latest technology. CES didn’t launch or introduced any latest technology related to cars, but there are various technologies are expected to be launched till the end of 2018. The further details of these innovations are stated below;

Cars will Read your Mind:

This is the latest technology and to trust in these technologies are not easy for any person. But working on these technologies is ongoing. Nissan is working on the complete system of the development of the latest system named B2V “Brain to Vehicle” communication system. This system will enable to read the mind of the driver and will react as per the instructions of mind. The management of Nissan is saying that this system would be enabled to detect your current state of mind and to know you in comfort or not.

Traffic Fight of Ford with Waze:

Ford is introducing the latest technology to prevent you from traffic. If you are in the hatters of the traffic, then Ford is working to resolve your problem. This is a complete system which will guide you about the traffic during driving. This will guide you by way of its navigation and will inform you of its voice communication system. This is an awesome technical invention of this year.

The Car Will Enable to See the Unseen:

This technology is known as the cellular Vehicle to everything technology. This technology is designed and invented by Ford and Telecom chip Maker Company named Qualcomm. It is just like an X-ray vision of the vehicle. It will consist upon the chip in your cars which will communicate your cars with the other cars on the road. It would be able to receive data from the traffic signals as well as any incident placed on the road and to inform you. The trails of this technology are expected to be done on San Diego.

You Will Talk to Your Car:

The Mercedes-Bens User Experience MBUX is an interface which is introduced by the Mercedes-Benz. This type of system would be applicable only for A class cars and vehicles. Under this system, an LCD would be installed in the car, and you would be able to use it by the touch system. You would be able to talk with your car like if you will say hey Mercedes then it would respond you quickly just like someone is sitting beside you.

Is this the end of the Street-Parking Hall?

The parking system is too much tough in the urban areas of any country. Every person is spending a huge amount of time to find the exact and accurate parking place in their daily life. The German parts supplier Bosch will introduce this system and this would be enabled to understand the environment as a whole and will guide you about the actual gap between the already parked vehicles and will update you about the complete map system of the parking area. This would be helpful to park your vehicle within the minimum time span.

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