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Desiree Washington’s Net Worth

Desiree Washington is an Ex-Miss Black America competition. She became famous in 1991 when she blamed the world heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, for raping her. Mostly, her name travels in the print media. Her name is in the most celebrity trials in the United States. She is a Model in America. In 2024, Desiree Washington net worth is around $100000.

Biography of Desiree Washington

Name: Desiree Washington
Nick Name: Desiree
Gender: Female
Birth Place: America
Date of Birth: 1973
Birthday: 1973
Age: 42 years old
Nationality: American
Height: 5 ft 7 inch
Weight: 86 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Siblings: Two Sons
Parents: Donald and Mary Belle Silva Washington
Religion: Christianity
Profession: Model
Net Worth: $100000

Early Life of Desiree Washington

Desiree Washington was born in 1973 in Rhode Island. Her father was Donald Washington, and her mother was Mary Washington. She grew up with her three siblings in Rhode Island. She has been fond of modeling since childhood. She was also a social media personality. She wanted to become an attorney and a politician in the future.

Educational Background

Desiree Washington got her high school education at Coventry High School. She graduated from her high school. Desiree got a degree in Psychology at Providence College. She wanted to become a successful Attorney or a politician.

Career of Modeling

Desiree Washington has been fond of modeling since she was a child. She competed in several beauty spectacles. Desiree participated in the Miss Black Rhode Island pageant in 1991. In the Miss Black Rhode Island competition, she won a title. When Desiree competed in this competition, Desiree was 18 years old. The same year, she competed in the Miss Black American beauty spectacle.

Career of Teaching

Desiree Washington was a teacher. She was fond of teaching. Desiree taught many subjects to the Sunday School Students when Desiree was in high school. She also worked for soldiers. However, she did not take teaching as a career.

What happened to Desiree?

Mike Tyson was a heavyweight boxer in America. He asked Desiree Washington and gave him the phone number of his Hotel Room. When she reached his hotel room, Tyson was drunk. He asked Desiree to be intimate with her. When she refused, he got angered and forced her. She accused that Tyson raped her. But Tyson said that it was all done with her consent.

Personal Life and Dating

Desiree Washington had her personal life private. There is no information about her dating and his boyfriend. Only the incident of her raping is known for her popularity.

Desiree Washington Net Worth

Desiree Washington was a model in America. She had an estimated net worth of about $100000. After the incident of her raping, she got $200000 from Tyson.

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