Advantages Of Diamond Drilling In Construction Industry

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Diamond Drilling In Construction Industry

The global construction industry is growing at a significant rate because every country is looking forward to enhancing its infrastructural development. Whether you talk about developing high-end residential and commercial buildings or constructing bridges and highways, no country wants to stay behind in the race when it comes to offering advanced facilities to its citizens.

The introduction and implementation of cutting-edge tools have played a crucial role in the growth of construction industry across the world including the UK. Techniques like diamond drilling and stitch drilling have simplified the task of construction professionals to a great extent. Construction projects which once used to take months to complete can now be accomplished within few days, and the credit goes to the advanced tools and techniques used by industry professionals.

Diamond drilling, which is an integral part of the construction process is a form of core drilling wherein professionals have to use diamond drill bits for making precise holes and openings.

Here are some of the crucial benefits of using diamond drilling services in construction projects.

Dimond Drilling Is The Best Way To Create Holes & Openings:

If you talk about concrete structures, creating holes and openings is very difficult until you use a perfect tool. However, with the use of diamond drilling tools construction professionals can easily create openings and holes on the concrete walls and floors.

It Improves Accuracy:

Whether you talk about architectural elements or structural elements, their accuracy remains highly important in construction to prevent flaws and rework. It means inaccurate holes and openings can become a big problem for construction professionals later on because it takes a lot of time to fix such issues. So, rather than adopting an approach or technique that can lead to errors, it’s better to use quality tools and techniques to accomplish your task. So, in context of creating holes and openings on concrete structures, diamond drilling proves to be the best method.

Create Holes From 8mm Diameter to 1500mm Diameter In Any Material:

Considering the fact that diamond is the hardest and most robust material that is found in the world today, it eventually proves to be the best option for construction professionals to make holes and slots with pinpoint accuracy in any material such as concrete, glass, asphalt, marble, masonry and brickwork etc. You can cut holes from 8mm diameter to 1500mm diameter in any material you want.

It’s a Noise-Free & Dust Free Way Of Creating Openings:

Earlier construction professionals had to struggle with dust and noise while making cuts and openings on concrete, masonry and brickwork structures. But with the implementation of diamond drilling, they can now finish their work easily without facing much noise and dust at the site in question. Working in a noisy and dusty environment can have damaging consequences for the health of construction workers. They can suffer from illnesses such as lung cancer, skin problems, asbestosis, silicosis and asthma etc. In addition to that, they also suffer from a variety of eye and ear problems.

However, the diamond drilling process involves the use of a lot of water which helps in preventing the production of dust. On top of that, it is also a noise and vibration free method of making holes and openings, so workers do not suffer from any ear problem.

It Helps in Maintaining Structural Integrity:

Drilling holes and making cuts can have damaging effects on the building and the structure in question if it’s not done in the right manner. However, diamond drilling is a non-percussive method of making cuts and openings, hence it helps in maintaining structural integrity.

Apart from that, diamond drilling is also very safe and helps in saving huge time.