5 Tips for Using a Folding Mattress

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A folding mattress may be considered one of those commodities that you didn’t know you needed till you got. Most people out there end up buying folding mattresses because they saw one at a great price or because it was part of a value or bundle offer.

So naturally, it makes sense that many people out there don’t really know how to properly use and handle a folding mattress once they get their hands on it. In fact, a lot of people find that their folding mattresses die out quite easily. This mainly happens because people don’t really give much care to the usage and maintenance of their folding mattresses.

Here are some tips to help you utilize your folding mattress in the best way possible:

Use only When Needed:

Folding mattresses are not exactly made in the same way that our regular, everyday use mattresses are. Most folding mattresses are made with the goal of portability and ease of storage in mind. So you should not replace your everyday mattresses with folding mattresses because they will probably not be able to give the same performance.

Other than that, if you replace your daily use mattresses with folding mattresses or if you bring it into use for your daily life, you will find that the folding mattress wears off quite fast as well. So naturally, most folding mattresses are not meant to be used on a daily bases. Try to use it only when you need to, like if you are having a guest over or traveling.

There’s More Than One Way to Use it:

Another thing about folding mattresses that most people fail to realize is that they can be used as accessories separate from mattresses as well. You have folding mattresses than can double up as couches with a rest. You can also elevate the headrest of the mattress to make it accessible for people who cannot lie down straight for excessive time periods.

Most mattresses come in either tri-fold or duo-foldforms, so you can use them in any creative way you can think of.

Carry and Handle Properly When Traveling:

As we mentioned before, folding mattresses are usually not quite as tough as regular mattresses, so you need to make sure you are carrying it properly while traveling. Do not place any heavy loads on the mattress which can distort its shape and hamper its durability.

Other than that, make sure you don’t place it around any substances that can stain or spill on the mattress. If possible cover the mattress with a plastic sheet or other waterproof material to keep it from getting distorted.

Many foldable mattresses also come with their own protective coverings so you can also make use of them when you are traveling with your mattress.

It is also understandable that you cannot keep your folding mattress in the same ideal conditions as you do in your home. Even so, it is imperative that you keep it with as much care as possible in these surroundings. Make sure you keep it as clean as possible. Put a sheet on it when you are using it so that the actual covering and the foam do not get dirty.

Following these tips will ensure that your mattress lasts for a long time.

Store Well:

It is also essential that you take good care of your mattress in your home as well. Keep it covered so that it does not collect dust over time. If it is in use, make sure it gets cleaned properly. And make sure it is kept in a proper place where it is not exposed to any unfavorable conditions.

Get it for the Kids:

Lastly, you should know that foldable mattresses can be amazing for children. They are easily moldable, so they make the perfect mattress forts and tents for the kids to play in. They can also stack a couple of them together and make them into chairs and tables and have tea parties!

We’re not suggesting that you buy foldable mattresses for this reason alone, but if you have had one lying around for a while or you have one that is worn out, you can clean it up and give it to the children to play with. We can assure you that they will have a blast!