This Ford F150 Will Be In Hot Pursuit

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Ford F150

DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. is applying its pickup prowess to police squads across the country.

The automaker last week unveiled the 2018 F-150 Police Responder, the industry’s first pursuit-rated pickup. The vehicle, based on the F-150 FX4 off-roader, will get 375 hp and 470 pounds-feet of torque from a 3.5-liter Ecoboost engine paired with a 10-speed transmission.

It will reach 100 mph, has a towing capacity of 7,000 pounds, and has 132 cubic feet of interior space — more than any other police vehicle.

The five-seat pickup joins the Taurus-based Police Interceptor sedan, the Explorer-based Police Interceptor utility, and the Fusion-based Police Responder hybrid, unveiled earlier this year.

The automaker also offers nonpursuit-rated Transit-based prisoner transport vehicles and F-150- and Expedition-based special-service vehicles.

“Ford’s 2018 F-150 Police Responder is the perfect all-terrain law enforcement vehicle,” Stephen Tyler, Ford’s police brand marketing manager, said. He said the pickup will likely be used by sheriff’s offices and border patrol in off-road situations.

Ford officials declined to discuss volume projections.

Interior features of the F-150 Police Responder include a column shifter, heavy-duty cloth front seats with slim bolsters and anti-stab plates, vinyl rear seating and heavy-duty vinyl flooring.

The 2018 F-150 Police Responder will go on sale in spring 2018.