Friday Fashion Verdicts – Who’s Our Hit, Miss and Maybe?

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Friday Fashion Verdicts

One things for sure… it’s definitely been a big week for hits, misses and maybes on the fashion front.

It was The National Television Awards on Wednesday night, and while some of our TV favourites oozed Hollywood glamour – yes, Holly Willougby we’re talking about you, others just looked simply bizarre.

Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson even forgot her underwear for the occasion and gave us all an eyeful. Note, this is never a good look.

Over in Paris the fashion elite have been gathering for Haute Couture Fashion Week, and while were were drooling over the catwalks- Chanel put on a sparkler of a show, we were also watching the outfits on the FROW.

But who’s Parisian style was catwalk worthy and who’s isn’t one to copy. Check out our hit, miss and maybes this week.

HIT – Victoria Beckham:

Victoria Beckham

Now this is a lady who can rock a colour block quite like no other. The weather might be dreary but VB’s colourful clobber brought a little sunshine into our lives this week. The cool combo which is from her own catwalk collection is not only chic but definitely a trend we can all try this spring.

MISS – Diane Kruger:

Diane Kruger

The actress usually gets her fashion choices spot on, but we’re not too sure what she was thinking with this sheer Dior number. The tulle fabric is a wishy washy shade, and the fur shoulder are a little Yettie for our liking. Plus, it’s a little bit of a Madonna throw-back. Diane, you’re much better than this.

MAYBE – Pixie Lott:

Pixie Lott

When it comes to her fashion choices, Pixie’s not shy at pushing the boundries. Her furry heart print jumper by Schiaparelli is a fun choice and certainly made her stand out on the FROW. We love the pop star’s playful nature and being pint size, she manages to pull it off – we just don’t think it’s a trend that we could cotton onto.