How Google Rank Your Website and How You Can Make it to Top

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Google Rank Your Website

Countless changes take place in order to make your website be on the top of every Google search. These amendments take place every year, moreover, it is very important for the website owners to work according to it.

Google is the biggest search engine. It is one of the most often used. Google and other search engines leak tips and hint people what will be the next big step for the bringing traffic to your website. is doing a tremendous job to do so.

Here is how Google ranks your website:

Google Mobile-Index:

It is very important that your website is mobile-friendly. Google has already declared that they rank the website that performs well in our mobile phones. In 2015, Google has declared that people tend to make more searches from their phones rather than their any other gadgets.

For this purpose, they recommend to back out from using M-Dot. Your mobile-content must be exactly same as it present for the desktop users. This is because of the fact that the reviews may alter. There are certain Google mobile testing tools available online. They will help you to judge your website accordingly. Your website must not take a lot of time to load.

You Cannot Entirely Rely on Guest Blogs:

Your SEO is entirely dependent on the links and the content. You can create links with the help of your content. Enter important links in the middle of your content. If you want more links, you would need good content for it. Guarantee Local SEO provides great opportunities for the people that are intending to get their ratings high on Google.

Get Rid of The Old Content:

It is always important that you get rid of the content that does not have any review. Your content must be a total of 2000 words. The content must contain valuable information. Get rid of the stuff that is not very informative and relevant. Enter your FAQs questions search on the keyword search tool. This will help you to identify that what kind of information people are searching for in the queries.

Virtual Assistant:

The concept of having a virtual assistant emerged in the year 2011. However, there were only a couple of companies available that were developing and manufacturing these speakers. Nowadays, more companies are involved in this. This made the concept of having virtual assistants very popular. It has been predicted that 50% of people will be using this facility in 2020.

You will have to spend some time in order to make sure that your website is compatible with these devices as well. There are tools that will help you to do so. You will have to check that what are the questions that people generally ask via these devices? This basically refers to the content and the FAQ section.

Investing in Video:

The concept of video took off the roof in the year 2017. This means Google is contributing and referring websites that contain videos. If you are not using videos in order to carry out marketing then this is the best time to take your website to the next level.