How to Take A Room From Drap To Fab with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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Beauty is an indispensably essential part of every house. In an instance where the house is terrible or ugly, it can be hard to live a comfortable life. When we hear about changing the look of the house, the majority of people think that they are going to invest hundreds of bucks into this project. But changing the look of the walls with peel stick wallpaper is one of the cheapest and the most actionable methods of installing a beautiful feel in your room.

It doesn’t matter whether you are renting or owning your own house, you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of updating your walls just yet. If you are renting, you can discuss the idea of using wallpapers on the walls with your landlord. Some landlords are even willing to help you with professional assistance to update the walls. But how do you approach the whole project and how can you take your room from drap to fab with the use of Wallpapers? Let’s find out.

Removable Wallpapers

Although there are many options for removable wallpapers, you can easily try geometric wallpapers for walls. This is one of the favorite elements that you can use in your dorm. This idea gives your unattractive walls a revamp. It is actually a great masterpiece for improving the feel of your walls in almost all parts of the house.

Wall Decals

This is a super-simple approach to the idea of updating the walls using wallpapers. The best thing with this is that you can space them out with precision. Some people choose to take a more flexible free-form approach to this idea and in both situations, it’s beautiful. Inspirations from Lisa Kirk, ‘’something pretty’’ shows that this idea is splendid. She used the sweet citrus decals to spruce her bathroom. This idea can work in other places including the kitchen. From her example, it’s very easy to notice how the decals are spaced unevenly which makes them look achieved with no room for errors.

Cover half the walls

This idea was brought into the limelight by Carisha. Once you walk into her room, you will be swept away by the feel and the beauty of the walls. She used Garden Jade Chinmoiserie peel and stick wallpapers. In this case, she started at the blank wall swirling around the dining room.

Add Unique and oversized Wall Décor

For people that are interested in finding unique and oversized wall décor especially for their dining area, this is the best alternative to the above tips. One thing you definitely didn’t know is that Chinoiserie can be customized to fit the personality of every person.

The most important part when you are transforming your walls or your room is to make sure you reflect your personality and style with ease. Make sure that your friends will see your personality through the walls. I hope you considered the above easy ideas of taking your room from drap to fab.