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Iggy Azalea was born in Ryde Hospital, Sydney, Australia, and became an Australian rapper and musician. The real name of Iggy was Amethyst Amelia Kelly. She is a very talented girl and faces many difficulties in making her career. Iggy was raised in Mullumbimby by her parents. Iggy made a lot of money after releasing her songs, ‘Two Times’ and ‘Pu$$y’ on YouTube.

Iggy is a very popular rapper, but maybe you don’t know about her. If you want to know about Early life, career, personal life, net worth, and awards of Iggy, then read the article till the end.

Early Life

Iggy Azalea was born in 1990 on 7th June and had two siblings. The iggy mother was a hotel cleaner, and the father was an artist and painter. When Iggy was 6, she started learning music and wanted to become a musician. At the age of 16, Iggy began rapping.

Iggy left her high school and visited the United States with her group and became a part of a Hip-hop band. Hip-hop bands very inspired Iggy in the United States. Iggy loved the beauty of the United States and decided to live in the United States Permanently. Iggy hated school because she belonged to a low-income family and wore home-stitched clothes. The children laugh and tease Iggy.

Iggy Azalea Early Life


Iggy started her career when she was 14 years old. In 2006, Iggy moved to Texas. The people criticized Iggy that her rap was not good and laughed at her. In 2011, Iggy released her first-ever mixed music album named ‘Ignorant Art.’

In the same year, her more albums were released, and finally, she became famous. Iggy released her controversial songs on youtube “Pussy” and “Two Times,” and it can be viral on social media easily. In 2012, Iggy became the first non-American female rapper because she had lived illegally in the US.

In 2014 she became American National and released her New Classic album on funfair finally. The 52,000 copies of classic albums were sold in a week, and it is the new record. In 2015, Iggy released one more music album, a duet “Pretty Girls” with Britney Spears. In 2019 many music albums of Iggy were released, and “In My Defense” was one of them. Iggy is still working and holds concerts in different countries.

Iggy Azalea Career

Personal Life

In 2018, Iggy started living permanently in America. She dated many high-profile personalities. Iggy dated rapper A$AP Rocky for one year and then left Rocky. She dated Nick Young in 2015, and after some time, they got engaged. In 2016 Iggy split the engagement and got separated.


Iggy was nominated for 128 awards but won 39 awards. At the age of 16, without any degree, she went to a new country and became a very famous artist. It is the biggest achievement of Iggy Life.

Iggy Azalea Personal Life

Iggy Azalea Net Worth

As of 2024, Iggy Azalea Net Worth is $10 million, and her source of income is musician, Australian rapper, and singer. Iggy also contracts with different music companies and earns a lot of money. After that, in 2018 Iggy started dating rapper PlayboiCarti.