IMEI Tracker To Track Your Cell Phone Only by Using Your IMEI Number

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Track my phone option is always handy and useful. Some more than others use it on a day-to-day basis. It is not uncommon for us to wonder where our phone is even if we hadn’t left the house for a week. So instead of turning all of your furniture upside-down you can simply use the cell phone IMEI Tracker software and save yourself and those around you a lot of stress and time. The cell phone IMEI Tracker software can also be useful when you want to know the exact movement of your children, partner, family, or even someone else you are curious about. Basically, you can use the cell phone IMEI Tracker software for tracking any cell phone you want, not just your own.

How to Use the Cell phone IMEI Tracker Software?

To be able to use this software application tool properly you will need to know the IMEI code of the cell phone you want to follow and track. When we are at it, you can use the tool for other phone models older than the cell phone, as well.

Getting the IMEI code of the phone device is easy. Most of the phone models have the IMEI code printed on the backside of the device. But if that is not the case with your phone model you can simply dial *#06# and write down the code that will appear on the screen of your cell phone, or on the screen of the phone you are interested in tracking.

If your own cell phone was lost or even stolen and you have no way of knowing what the IMEI code is, then you can simply contact the carrier and they will report it as lost/ stolen and will be no hesitation to give you your IMEI code. If, however, the phone doesn’t belong to you, you will have to find a discreet way of discovering their IMEI code.

How Does this IMEI Number Tracker Software Work?

It is easy and simple. Just download the cell phone IMEI Tracker software app on any device you wish, a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer from the website linked above, and install it. It runs on all operative systems so you will have no trouble at this stage at all.

Next, just enter the IMEI code of the cell phone (or another phone model) you want to track and click on the TRACK option once it changes color.

You will immediately see the phone on a map.

Other Things you Need to Know

Since this is not an ordinary app, you will need to make a request for it from our official webpage. Just fill in the application form on our website and wait for the downloading link to be sent on the email you provided in the application form. This step can take somewhere between a few hours and a couple of days.

Also, you must turn on the GPS app on your cell phone so that the tracking is possible in the first place. If the GPS was turned off once you use the cell phone IMEI Tracker software, you will get the last location of the phone while the GPS was on.