How to Use iMessage on Windows PC

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Those who use iMessaging, cannot love any other messaging app. It helps with not only conversation but many other things as well like P2P money transfer, an incredible amount of emojis, and GIFs. But unfortunately, messaging only works with devices and it does not download on any other device whether phone or windows.

But today we have brought you an easy-peasy method through which you can download this messaging on your windows and enjoy the countless wonders of it. But first, let me tell you that there is no straight way to download it and enjoy it.

A tricky little pattern that involves the 3rd party is involved in it, but it is all safe and worth the effort.  So let’s get started.

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC

Step #1. For the first step, you need to make sure that your Mac has iMessage and your PC has Windows. If not then first get this part done and upgrade your system.

Step #2. Now you will have to download chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on both of the computers.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop to Mac and Windows PC

Step #3. Once the downloading is done, you will install them and launch the app. You will find the button to ‘launch the app’ in the top right corner.

Click on Launch App in Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac and Windows PC

Step #4. Now, this step is important. You will have to download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on your Mac. Once it is downloaded, install it. You must know that Chrome Remote Desktop allows connection between two computers without any trouble. The connection is through chrome browser or Chromebook. Sharing of files is not only safe and secure but also the access to files is easy.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer

Step #5. You will get a code while the installing is done. Use that code and connect the computers.

Click Continue to Install Chrome Remote Desktop Host on Mac

Enter System Password on Mac

Close the Installtion Window on Mac

Step #6. That is, now you can enjoy the connection and share easily.

Code to Use Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac and Windows

Enjoy iMessage on your Windows PC.

Use iMessages on Windows

What if no Mac?

What happens if you have no MAC? Is it still possible to enjoy the iMessaging through PC? To thi, I say yes. It is very much possible, but you will have to download iPadian on your Windows. Now, what is an iPadian?

It is a third-party emulator that allows the system of iOS to have a go at your Window. In short, the virtual iOS on your windows will allow you to download Apple’s messaging app without any trouble.

But a word of precaution. iPadian is third-party software, and it is not protected so one must take proper precautions before downloading it. Otherwise, the PC is bound to get flooded with malware.

iMessage on Windows PC using iPadian

  • First thing, download the iPadian emulator. When it is downloaded, you will have to install it.
  • Once the .exe file is installed, run the emulator.
  • Before it finalizes the setting, it will present its terms and conditions, and you must accept them. Otherwise, it will not work.
  • Once the installing process is complete, launch the iPadian software.
  • Now go and search for “iMessage”. When you have found it in the search bar, download it.
  • Once it is downloaded, launch the app and start using the messaging app of Apple on your Windows PC.

It is simple and easy and allows you to experience more fun while messaging your friends and loved ones.