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J Balvin is a Columbian singer who is considered one of the famous musical stars. His full name was Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin, but he liked to call himself J Balvin. Moreover, he is a rapper, record producer, and songwriter in Columbia.

He is referred to as “prince of reggaeton.” His music is mostly Latin pop. Because of his amazing voice, he has worked with many other artists, including Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, and Robin Thicke.

Balvin has won many awards because of his astonishing singing, including the Latin Grammy Award and some others. According to billboards, he is the greatest discovery of Latin music.

Early life and childhood

J Balvin was born in Medellín, Colombia, on May 7, 1985, into a middle-class family. He grew up in a large house in hills outside the city, and his dad was an economist and businessman. Balvin grew up listening to Metallica and Nirvana’s rock bands and claims he combines Grunge’s esthetics with a tattoo on his knee. After he heard Daddy Yankee, he developed an interest in reggaeton.

“I was such a fan that I had to mimic his style, his way of moving on stage and his flows, and the way he raps. J Balvins’ family faced some serious financial issues because they lost their home and car, forcing them to move to a poorer district.

Balvinsaid that he was a fan of the reggaeton. J Balvin states at this time in his life: “When I went to the neighborhood I was treated as affluent, but when I was around the rich people, they saw me as someone from the ghetto. They’re all perceptions.

Beginning Of Career

At the age of 16, J Balvin participated in Oklahoma’s English Exchange Program but was dissatisfied with the experience, saying, “I wanted the United States that all people know from Hollywood. Shortly after the program, he moved into New York City to learn English and music, live with an aunt, and work as a dog-walker on Staten Island.

6 AM Title Track

J Balvin released a new track known as “6 AM.”Puerto Rican singer Farruko played it in February 2014. A single was debuted at number 43 on the Latin Airplay charts in February and reached number one in May.

The song’s album “La Familia” was in the top ten of the Billboard Top Latin Albums charts. J Balvin describes it as the lyrical material in the song, “The Hangover’s late version, whereby the two singers try to recall what happened during the party’s evening.

Cancellation Of Performance In Miss USA 2015

In June 2015, J Balvin had announced the cancellation of his performance in Miss USA 2015. It was as a protest to the incendiary remarks made by Donald Trump against illegally-personated immigrants.

He claimed that during a presidential campaign kickoff speech last week, Trump accused illegal immigrants of bringing drugs, crime, and rapists to the U.S..”

  1. Balvin On January 19, 2018, J Balvin released his latest single alongside the official music video, ‘Machika’ features Jeon and Anitta. On March 1, 2018, J Balvin’s collaboration with Nicky Jam, ‘X,’ and 288 million views of YouTube in less of a month, have been published in a music video.

Mi Gente Album

On January 16, Jose released the latest album with his new Ginza, which registered two million viewers within 24 hours. His most recent studio album, which Willy William features, was also released in 2017. ‘Mi Gente’ reached the first position on Spotify’s top 50 songs chart in August 2017.

J Balvin Net Worth

J Balvin Net Worth

Balvin is the best-selling Latin artist with over 35 million sales worldwide. His net worth is $16 million, last updated on February 2021.

Awards And Achievements

J Balvin has won many awards and accomplishments. In recognition of its contribution towards the global spread of Latin music and the first recipient of the first “contemporary song of the year. “At the BMI Latin Awards, he was awarded “Ay Vamos,” the Lo Nuestro Awards became the first winner of the Global Icon Award.

In 13 in the year 2020, he also won a Guinness World Record by the most Latin Grammy nominees. J Balvin’s single “Ginza” was also recognized by him during his most comprehensive visit to the number 1 list of the Hot Latin Songs by a single artist.

His music videos had thousands of views and recorded 100 million views on VEVO in a row, with Tranquila, Ay Vamos, and Ginza.

Ay Vamos was his first reggaeton song to reach one billion views on YouTube; furthermore, VEVO called Balvin “the most-watched 2015 Latin artist. It became the exciting song of VEVO.

J Balvin has many records of his songs downloaded. “Mi Gente” is the first Spanish song in the Global Top 50 List of Spotify and was the most successful artist in Spotify in 2018, overwhelming the previous record of Drake.

As of April 2020, it remains on top 5. Colores set a new high for all his songs on Spotify’s Top 10. He was also the first Latin artist in Apple Music to cross 1 billion streams. He also sold 35 million single individuals worldwide and 25 billion streams by 2020.

Final Words:

J Balvin has a very successful career; he focused on what he loves despite his hardships and problems in life. He never let his passion for music come in the way of his hardships. He can be one of the finest artists in the future.