Does Juicing Recipes Really Work In Weight Loss?

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Juicing Recipes

Both fruit and vegetable juice people considered as best health nutrition, and health advisors always refer to drink different types of juice. Juices always help to fulfill the lacking of nutrition. This also helps to increase the water level in your body.

Drinking vegetable juice always increases the energy & nutrition in your body but do not increase the weight. People take this advantage and use this tricks in weight loss program. In this post, I will write about top 5 juices that help in weight loss.

If you are thinking to lose your weight, you must read this post carefully. Hope this will help you to understand the process and apply for your weight loss program.

What Types of Juice do You Need to Drink?

You can drink both fruit juice and vegetable juice as well. If you are don’t like vegetable juice, you have the option to change your juice type. Both types of juice help in weight loss. We are listing both types of juice. You can pick the perfect one for you. But the necessary thing is routine. You must ensure routine to drink juice in your weight loss program.

People make juice in different ways to reduce their hard work. Both hands made juice and using a blender can help you producing fruit juice or vegetable easily. But you should use clean materials to produce juice to ensure health value and nutrition. Drinking fresh juice is much effective than drink juice after a long time.

Top 5 Juice Recipes That Helps In Weight Loss

1) Carrot Apple Juice:

Carrot Apple Juice
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Among the fruit juices, carrot apple juice is much effective to reduce fat from your body for its nutrition elements. You must understand the food value to reduce your body weight. You will find different types of food juice that people use in fat loss program or body weight loss program. But I am listing it’s nutrition values to assist you understanding carrot apple juice value.

You need some carrot that is chopped already, apple, lemon, banana, cardamom, cinnamon and ground ginger. You must need enough water to prepare your carrot apple juice. You need only 5 minutes to prepare, and most importantly you need an Electric Citrus Juicer that will help you prepare your juice without wasting your time. To complete the process, you only need 5 to 10 minutes after arranging your ingredients.

You should mix lemon and water based on your necessity. This will help you ensure proper flavor on your drink. If you are confused in the process, you can mix half lemon and one cup of water to prepare standard size of water.

2) Grape Lemonade Juice:

Grape Lemonade Juice
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Grape lemonade juice is another popular fruit juice that will help you reduce your body fat. Lemon always removes fat from your body. So most of the nutrition expert suggest people drink lemon juice in weight loss program. But mixing grape on your fruit juice helps extra nutrition value in your juice. So you must drink grape lemonade juice to ensure perfect body weight.

To prepare grape lemonade juice, you need some basic ingredients like boiled water, grapefruits, strawberry, mint leave and orange. To make this recipe, you need a citrus juicer as well. You must wash your juicer and ingredients carefully. This will ensure proper health benefit from your juice. After washing and chopping your fruits, you have to blend everything together. You need 10 to 15 minutes to prepare your grape lemonade juice.

3) Lime Lemonade With Ginger:

Lime Lemonade With Ginger
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Another common juice to remove the body and control your weight. If you don’t know how to prepare lime lemonade drink, you are leaving in the world of fool. Because we often drink lime lemonade drink in our home, even who are not thinking about his weight. This helps to remove fatigue, and you need all basic ingredients to prepare this drink. But you need to ensure fresh fruit and ginger to get best health nutrition for your body.

You need lime juice, sugar, ice and water to produce lime lemonade juice. All the steps are very easy, and you need to mix ice cube in water and ginger on it. Then you have to mix sugar measuring your taste. In the last part of you juice making, you have to squeeze lime on your juice. You need ice cube & fresh lemon to prepare this juice. Because without ice and cold water, you will not get the taste properly.

4) Cucumber Tomato Juice:

Cucumber Tomato Juice
Image by Pexels

Among the vegetable juices cucumber and tomato juice are highly recommended juice. If you are are thinking to drink vegetable juice to reduce the cost of drinking juice, you must pick this option. Because both cucumber and tomato are cheap and removes body fat quickly. Tomato has huge nutrition value, and cucumber helps to remove allergens from your body.

To prepare tomato cucumber juice, you must need some necessary ingredient like tomatoes, cherry, pepper, cucumber, lime, and water. You need a citrus juicer to mix everything properly and mix cucumber with tomato first. Then mix other ingredients to ensure the best flavor of your juice. If you mix everything together, you may lose the flavor from your drink. You have to mix cold water in your juice and use ice cube before you serve. Adding some ginger will increase the flavor.

5) Nut Milk Juice:

Nut Milk Juice
Image by Pexels

Nut is also important juicing equipment in weight loss program. If you are serious about your body weight loss, you must eat a nut or drink nut juice. You can mix nuts on any fruit juice, and this will helps on your mission more effectively. You must use nut powder in you juice making. Otherwise nuts can stick on your juicer.

Final Words:

Drinking fruit juice is a vastly accepted method in weight loss program. If you have read the post carefully, you must know how to remove body weight drinking different types of fruit and vegetable juice. I discussed preparation method and recipes as well that will help you preparing drinks that effect in your weight loss and increase nutrition on your body as well.