How to Keep the Kids Entertained in Dubai

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Keep the Kids Entertained in Dubai

Family holidays allow families to spend some much-needed quality time together away from technological devices that kids are glued to most of the time, the nagging phone calls you receive every five minutes at work, and from your daily routines (that means no school and no housework for a week or two!).

Dubai is one of the most popular family vacation destinations, as the city is home to numerous entertainment options suitable not only for the little ones, but for the whole family. We have put together a short guide of three attractions and activities that are guaranteed to keep the young and young at heart entertained during their vacation!

Kids Entertained in Dubai

A day at Dubai Parks and Resorts:

Dubai Parks and Resorts is an amusement park in Dubai that opens later this year, and includes motiongate™ DUBAI, Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI, LEGOLAND® DUBAI, LEGOLAND® WATER PARK, RIVERLAND™ DUBAI and LAPITA™DUBAI.

Motiongate™ DUBAI is a thrilling theme park that is ideal for families with older kids, as it contains a number of roller coasters and other thrill rides not suitable for kids under the height restrictions. However, LEGOLAND® DUBAI and LEGOLAND® WATER PARK are two parks that have been designed specifically for children aged between 2 and 12 years old.

For families who would like to turn a day out at Dubai Parks and Resorts into a whole holiday experience, they are able to do so, as LAPITA™ DUBAI is a beautiful accommodation resort where guests can rest their head in between fun-filled days at the theme parks.

Go for a walk in the Park:

A children’s haven, Creekside Park is one of the most popular family parks in the city. Located on the edge of Dubai Creek, Creekside Park is a lush space that you wouldn’t think you would find in a city of high rises. However, it acts as a calm oasis that families can enjoy together away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Go for a walk in the Park

Creekside Park includes vast acres of lawn, beautiful botanical gardens, and multiple children’s play areas where they can run, climb and make new friends. Families can enjoy a picnic while sitting on the lawn or have a barbecue together at one of the many barbecue facilities spread throughout the park, and spend some quality time together.

What’s more, the park is home to mini golf, a go-kart track and a cable car (for those who are not scared of heights).

Visit a Traditional Food Market:

Food plays a vital part in our everyday lives, but eating doesn’t have to be boring for you or your little ones. Dubai is home to numerous traditional food markets – including Dubai’s Fruit and Veg market in Deira, which is adjacent to the Fish Souk, and the popular Spice Souk – where the whole family can explore Dubai’s food scene.

Although there is not a lot to eat at the markets – they sell most of the produce for home cooking and to restaurants – there are restaurants and cafes close to each of them, serving up delicious authentic Emirati cuisine that the whole family should try while they are there.

Traditional Food Market

Keep your kids and yourselves entertained while on holiday in Dubai by taking part in one or more of the activities featured in our guide. Explore Dubai and make memories that you can keep forever – and most of all, make the most out of every moment of your holiday!