The Importance of Keeping Lederhosen Clean

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Keeping Lederhosen Clean

Oktoberfest will eventually pull closer, (as it does every year!), and are you planning way before time and all set to bring your lederhosen from the storage truck up in your attic? Are you ready to get in the right festive mood? We are well aware that keeping stuffed clothes deep into storage cupboards or trunks means that damp moisture and its smell will settle on the material. This also goes for the classic lederhosen you bought from a lederhosen shop in your area and now store it in your storage room.

As many people attend Oktoberfest, they turn to their storage from the previous year and find themselves clueless when it comes to cleaning the leather in the right way. Most people wonder whether they should wash their traditional lederhosen and if it is a safe choice or not.

You need to know that most lederhosen costumes are not the standard shirts and trousers that you wear. They come with a robust appearance, crafted out of the finest, original quality leather, which should last for many years.

Wear and tear is a common factor that tarnishes the lederhosen appearance and the way the leather should be, which is quite similar to jeans. Each one may appear trendy with some tears and scratches on the surface of the lederhosen.

Scratches and Scuff Add A Vintage Look:

The older the lederhosen appear, the more authentic the look. Yes, scratches and scuff all add to the authenticity of the leather and bring out its “vintage look.” If you are searching for a quality one, keep in mind that the vintage look is all-crucial to the lederhosen and you will notice that in the LederhosenForSale you find in various stores that offer distressed options.

With all that said, it is obvious that washing your lederhosen is not important. Know that other fabrics like cotton, synthetic fibers and linen all have the capability to handle the harsh effects of detergents as well as with some warm water, but leather is a fabric that cannot handle this stress. So, what should you really do when you have to clean your costume and bring out its refreshed look? Is there a way you can ensure it appears new?

Best Way to Clean Your German Lederhosen:

Have you removed your favorite Bavarian leather costume from the storage trunk and worried about the beer stains and bad odor it has? Before you get all set for Oktoberfest, you should work on sprucing up its appearance, so here is what you can do:

  • Grab a clean bowl with some lukewarm water and wash the leather gently using your hands
  • You can apply some mild soap, natural soap or use special formulations that work well for leather
  • As you rinse it in the lukewarm water, let it dry well and slow a room temperature, you can also move the leather back and forth to restore its shape
  • Once the leather dries, you can use a clean, soft brush to straighten out the folds and ensure it returns to its original, new form.

Regardless of how dirty your lederhosen actually is, and how much damage it has, you should pay some attention and care to its quality to ensure that you buy a longer lasting one. In addition, if you consider these tips on cleaning your lederhosen, you will be sure that you can flaunt a classic, vintage looking costume at the next Oktoberfest, just like a local Bavarian!

Take your time to clean the costume gently and if you plan to invest in a new one, be sure that you visit the right store in your area.