Top 7 Least Corrupt Countries In The World 2018

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Least Corrupt Countries In The World

Corruption is one in every of the largest threats in the world. Sadly this threat found in each country. This international issue establishes bad governance, stop development and undermines the law. Still, there are a number of countries where corruption is at very low level. Here the list of 7 least corrupt countries in the world, along side their corruption perception index score (CPI) revealed by transparency international.

The CPI score ranges from zero to a hundred. The CPI score of ‘0’ indicates a highly corrupt country and a score of a hundred signals an ideal country with absence of corruption.


Netherlands, CPI:


Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy with a unitary parliamentary system. The current head of the state is King Willem Alexander. The King is in charge of appointing the Mayors and Politicians to the government. The prime minister is the head of  the Dutch government. To keep the corruption level as low as possible, the Dutch government follows a transparent judiciary and effective anti-corruption programs.

Singapore, CPI:


Singapore is the fifth least corrupt country in the world. The country has a unitary parliamentary system with Westminster system. There is special agency called CPIB ( Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau ) in Singapore to investigate and to take legal actions against corruption. The powerful judicial system in Singapore is globally known for its legitimacy and impartiality in law.

Sweden, CPI:


Sweden is a parliamentary democratic with a constitutional monarchy. This country globally known for its high quality life, equality, human development, education and health. The government system of Sweden is also transparent and stable. The government agencies of Sweden considered the corruption as ‘abuse of power’. There is also a efficient anti-corruption unit in Sweden to investigate and prosecute corruption.

Norway, CPI:



Norway is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. The monarchy is the head of the state and the government lead by the prime minister. The judiciary of Norway is completely independent from the executive and legislature branches. Norway also has a strict and efficient anti-corruption legislation. It helps to maintains the high standard within the public sector of Norway.

New Zealand, CPI:

New Zealand

New Zealand is the second least corrupt country with a CPI score of 91. New Zealand has a parliamentary system with a constitutional monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of New Zealand. The New Zealand government follows the Westminster model. The judiciary of New Zealand is completely independent from the executive branch and the legislature. In that way the judiciary of New Zealand maintains the accountability and impartiality.

Canada, CPI:


Canadian parliamentary system has three main branches, Monarch, Senate and house of commons. Queen Elizabeth II is the current Canadian monarchy. What makes Canada a least corrupt country is its open and democratic parliamentary system. Apart from that, Canada is also known for high quality life, educational system and government transparency.

In Canada, the laws are implemented by the executive branch which consist the queen, prime minister and the cabinet. It is the legislative branch (the Queen, the senate and house of commons) in the charge of law making. The laws passed by the executive and legislative branch branch are interpreted by the supreme court of Canada.

Denmark, CPI:


Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world with a CPI score of 92. The administrative corruption, business corruption and another form of corruption are very rare in Denmark. The country has a unitary parliamentary system with a constitutional monarchy.

Transparent mechanism, integrity, the independent judiciary, civic activism and social trust are the factors that make Denmark as the most transparent country in the world. The Danish penal code also forbids all forms of bribery in the country. In addition to the lower level of corruption, Denmark also has a high standard of living, high social mobility, high literacy and equality.