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Lil Pump is an American songwriter, singer, and rapper. The professional rapper has been active since 2015 and got fame at the international level from his famous single Gucci Gang.

The Pump has gained an incredible fan following within a very short time. The popularity of Lil Pump is increasing day by day.

As of 2021, Pump’s net worth is more than $11 million, which has been increasing at an incredible speed. Therefore, it is expected that Lil Pump will become one of the richest people over the coming few years.

If you are interested in knowing more about your favorite singer, complete your reading. Here a brief description of the life Pump has been provided.

Early Life

Lil Pump was named Gazzy Garcia at the time of birth. He was born on August 17 in 2000.

The parents of Lil Pump belong to Colombia, and unfortunately, both of them get separated when he was just six years old. Therefore, ha has been gone through the worst time at a very early age. The mother of Lil Pump was shifted to Miami soon after the birth of his older half birth.

Lil Pump was expelled from different schools during his childhood. Lil Pump used to fight with other students.

The Pump was also enrolled in different other high schools but was expelled from the school every time.

Lil Pump is notorious since his early age for using the drugs Lean, Marijuana, and Xanax. Therefore, he has faced huge criticism on different platforms, including social media. Lil pump always remains a part of different controversies, gossips, and media talks.

Lil Pump has done incredible work in the music industry, but he is always known for his drug-related activities.

Lil Pump

Personal Life

Everyone is interested to learn about the marital status of the Lil Pump. The Pump is not married yet, but he is in a relationship with Miranda Cosgrove.

His girlfriend is about seven years older than him. But Pump still loves her. But nothing has been confirmed about their marriage or engagement yet. It seems that both professionals want to focus on their careers and want to get tremendous success before getting married.

Professional Career

As every artist has an inspiration, Lil Pump also has one. He is a great admirer of 50 Cent, Chief Keef and Ludacris.

Since his childhood, Lil Pump was very passionate about rapping and music. At the age of thirteen, Pump met the well-known rapper Omar Pineiro, also known as the Smokepurpp.

From there, the career of Ll Pump begins. The rapper collaborated with the Smokepurpp and started getting fame. The Pump is one of the very first rappers who get fame at Soundcloud.

It would not be wrong to say that the Smokepurpp has played a remarkable role in Lil Pump’s entire career. Well, Smokepurpp has produced several numbers of hit songs for Lil Pump.

Lil Pump achieved the second position at the US R&B/Hip-Hop and US charts. Beside it, Pump got three positions on the Billboard 2-00 chart.

After releasing the debut album, Lil Pump released his second album on February 22, 2019. the title for his second album was Harvard Dropout. Well, the reason for this title was to present a tribute to Harvard University.

Lil Pump has gained this fame from his catchy track entitled Gucci Gang, which has more than a billion views on YouTube.

Awards And Achievements

Lil Pump has released multiple numbers of hits in his carer. A few of them are given below:

  • I Love It
  • Esskeetit
  • Be Like Me
  • Welcome to the party
  • Drug Addicts
  • Racks on rocks
  • Butterfly Doors

Lil Pump Net Worth

Lil Pump Net Worth

As of 2021, The net worth of Lil Pump is more than $11 million. He has earned this huge amount through his hard work.

The Pump has earned a huge amount through album sales. Most surprisingly, Pump has earned all of this amount within the last two years. In 2017, the net worth of Lil Pump was about $1 million, which has reached up to 8 million now in 2020. The Pump has gained more than $8 million from his contract with Warner Bros. Records.

According to this contract, the rapper has received $8 million in advance. At the same time, Pump will get $9,000 in the first year and get about $12,000 in the second year.

Beside it, Pump is going to receive $15,000 annually. Furthermore, Pump will get a 14% share for all of his royalties in the United States.

Lil Pump is getting enough money from the monetized videos and campaigns he is running on different social platforms. He has a great fan following on YouTube, which is contributing a lot towards his net worth. Lil Pump has more than 18 million subscribers on YouTube, with 4 billion views on YouTube.

In addition to YouTube, Lil Pump has also gained great fame at Spotify. Currently, Pump is enjoying more than 1 billion streams at this platform.

In 2018, Pump released a song with Kanye West and gained 46 million streams within just one week.

Facts About Lil Pump

  • Well, it can be surprising for you that the Lil Pump would not be anything without Smokepurpp.
  • Lil Pump is greatly inspired by most of the famous rappers. The Pump was influenced by Ludacris, 50 Cent, and many other artists.
  • From 2016 to 2017, Lil Pump had a great fight with J. Cole. But this fight got worse within the coming years, and both of them exchanges tweets and songs.
  • Pump gained fame and a huge amount when he was quite young. The Pump is the youngest rapper in the industry.
  • The Pump is very famous for his hyperactive character all over the world. You will never find him serious about anything.
  • The Pump is notorious for using drugs.

Life Lessons From Lil Pump

Through his successful career, Lil Pump has shown that working with popular brands can be a catalyst for success.

Pump emphasizes originality, one of the most important lessons you can get from his life.

With a hyperactive public figure, Pump has always been surrounded by controversies. And it is all that which a rapper needs.


The Pump has gained success within a very quick time just after releasing a few albums. The net worth of Lil Pump is more than $11 million. The singer is earning most of his money from Warner Brothers Records.