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Megan Fox is an American actress and born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on 16th Ma, 1968. Megan joined drama and acting classes at the age of 5. Megan is a very famous actress, and in 2001 she started her career. Megan became famous for her blockbuster film “Transformers.” Megan Fox won many awards in different awards ceremonies. If you want to get more information about Megan’s career, Early Life, personal life, Awards, and Net worth, then read the go through the article until the end.

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Early Life

Megan lived with her mother and with stepfather in nearby Rockwood, Tennessee. The parents of Megan divorced when she was only three years old. Megan has childhood dreamed of making a singer and actress. She went from Catholic school and didn’t like formal study. mz left school at the age of 16 and started modeling. At the age of 17, Megan moved toward California and started her career.


In 2001 Megan played the role of Antagonist to Ashley Olsen in the movie Holiday in the sun. She also performs different roles on several television or films. In 2004 she appeared in the movie Confessions of a Teenage as Drama Queen. In 2009 Megan work different roles in several movies such as Transformers and Revenge of the fallen. In 2010 she will appear in the music album “Love the way you Lie”. In 2014 Megan appeared in the movies Bad boy 2, how to lose friends, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and its sequels.

Megan Fox Transformers

Personal Life

Megan first dated Brian Austin Green, and she met him at the set of Hope and Faith in 2004. Megan got engaged to green in 2006, and they broke the engagement in 2009. In 2010 Magan re-engaged with Green and got married in June. In 2015 Magan and Green separated and again lived together in 2016. Megan and Green had three children, and Megan was also the stepmother of Green’s son. Megan also says that in one interview she has a secret affair with her co-star and they both appeared in transformers movie.


The Transformers movie is one of the hit movies of Megan. She makes a lot of money because of the movie Transformers. Megan won 4 awards for the movie Transformers.

Megan Fox NetWorth

Megan Fox Net Worth

As of 2021, Megan’s net worth is $10 million, and her source of income was modeling and acting. She has also appeared in some commercials and work in super hits movies.