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Nas is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and songwriter. He is regarded as the Greatest Rapper of all time as he has done a lot to spread this genre of music. He has released a total of twelve music albums and has been a part of various business ventures.

He started his career in 1994 with the release of his first album Illmatic. As of 2021, the net worth of famous rapper Nas is $80 million. Apart from that, he is the owner of various commercial properties and expensive cars.

This article consists of the business interests of Nas and his various capital investments. If you are interested in Nas’s personal life, you can continue reading this article.

Early Life

The birth name of Nas is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, and he was born in Brooklyn Borough of New York City. Nas’s date of birth is September 14, 1973. His parents were of African American origin. His father named Olu Dara is a musician. He was from Mississippi; his mother, Fannie Ann, was a government servant in North California.

The meaning of Nasir is helper and protector in Arabic origin. During his childhood, Nas and his family were moved to the Queensbridge Houses. His parents were divorced in 1985. He was not productive in his studies and was dropped out of school when he was in the eighth standard.

He joined the Nation of Islam and self educate himself about African culture and Islam. His neighbor named Willy Graham inspired him in hip hop, and he started taking an interest in rap. He used to play trumpet in the early days of his career.



Nas’s initial music nickname was Kid Wave, and in 1991, Nas performed Live at Baroque. Nas also worked with MC Search of 3rd Brass and secured him a deal with Columbia Records. Finally, he made his solo debut on the single “Halftime” under the name of Nasty Nas.

In 1994, Nas released his debut single album, Illmatic, and took his father as a guest in the music video. Some of Nas’s famous works include the song One on One for the film Street Fighter. He made several guest appearances in various music videos.

Illmatic was a huge hit, and it received many awards and recognition. The album was awarded as the best album of 1994 by the Source. His lyrics in the music album was stated as highly literate.

His other career hits are:

  • Guest appearance in album Doe or Die by AZ.
  • Guest appearance in The Infamous by Mobb Depp
  • His second album was written.
  • Single “If I Ruled the World.”
  • Single “Street Dreams.”
  • Hate me Now Featuring Sean Puffy Combs.
  • Minor hit “You Owe Me.”

Personal Life

Nas is currently a member of P’Tones Records, a non-profit organization that teaches music to the students. The mission of this organization is to create constructive opportunities for underprivileged youth.

American actress Yara Shahidi is the cousin of Nas. In June 1994, Nas became the father of a daughter with her fiance Carmen Bryan. Nas’s dispute with Jay Z was the reason for his breakup with Carmen.

In 2005, Nas dated Mary J. Blige for a brief period. He then married Kelis, and they divorced in 2010. Nas’s first son from Kelis was born in 2009. Later on, he got involved in various disputes.

Nas married Kelis

In 2015, Nas got the first Rapper title to have an exclusive and verified account on Rap Genius. The great-great-great-grandmother of Nas was a slave who was sold for $830. For all of your interest, Nas is a big fan of his hometown baseball team, the New York Mets.

Nas Net Worth

As of 2021, According to celebrity net worth, the net worth of Nas is $80 million. He has made this money from singing and various business ventures. In 2018, when Amazon acquired the Ring doorbell company for $1 billion, Nas made $40 million from the deal.

  • Commercial Property

The rappers also owned a restaurant named Sweet Chick. Nas stated that it feels like home, which is why I invested in this restaurant. The restaurant has various franchises in different American cities. This restaurant earns millions of dollars each year.

  • Record Label Co-Ownership

Nas is the co-CEO of Mass Appeal, along with Pete Bittenbender. The media company has the aim to spread the hip hop genre throughout the world.

  • Real Estate

Nas has two houses, one in Los Angeles, the other in McDonough, Georgia. The McDonough house has a net worth of $659,000, and it is 3,592 sq ft. He purchased the Los Angeles house for $1.6 million, and it is 3207 sq ft.

  • Cars

The rapper always dreamt of the legendary car 1988 Mercedes-Benz 190E, and now he owned this car. Once he said about this car, he ever dreamed of buying this car when he was broke. He also has a Roll Royce. The net worth of this car is $450,000.

Business Ventures

Apart from his singing career, Nas has invested in many business ventures, which are as follows:

  • He invested a hefty sum in Mass Appeal Magazine in 2013.
  • He invested in a tech startup company, Proven, in 2013.
  • In 2014, Nas invested in viral video startup, ViralGains.
  • Nas has a partnership with the Wild Rabbit campaign of Hennessy.
  • He also became a partner with Koru, a job placement startup.
  • Nas is the co-owner of LANDR, a cloud-based service.
  • He invested in a restaurant, Sweet Chick, in 2015.
  • He has also been associated with amazon doorbell company Ring Inc.
  • He has also reported investing heavily in Dropbox, Robinhood, and Lyft.

Fun Facts about Nas

You might know Nas as a famous rapper and musician, but here are some fun facts about Nas’s personal life, which you might find interesting.

  • Nas was nominated for Grammy Awards 13 times.
  • He released his debut album some 26 years ago.
  • Harvard University established the Nasir Jones Hip-hop fellowship in 2013.
  • He is half Nigerian.
  • He was ranked fifth on MTV’s ten greatest MCs of all time back in 2006.
  • He sometimes dated Nicki Minaj, but he never confirmed that.
  • Nas has been starred in several films, including Belly, Ticker, and In Too Deep.


Nas is an actor too as he has worked in several films, documentaries, and series. His famous work includes Sacred in the Flesh, Hawaii Five-0, Black Nativity, The Get Down, Gully Boy, The Last Dance, Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism, American Epic: The Big Bang, Belly, In Too Deep, Ticker, and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

Awards and Nominations

It is so evident that Nas has won so many awards and nominations in his career. His distinctions are as follows:

  1. Nominated for Best Rap Solo Performance In Grammy Awards.
  2. Nominated for Best Rap Album In Grammy Awards.
  3. Won the I Am Hip-Hop Icon Award by BET Hip Hop Awards
  4. Won the Outstanding Sports Documentary By Sports Emmy Awards
  5. Nominated for Best Rap Video By MTV Video Music Awards.
  6. Nominated for Best Hip-Hop Video by MTV Video Music Awards.
  7. Nominated for the Video Of The Year Award By MTV Music Awards.
  8. Nominated for Best Rap Performance By Grammy Awards

Final Words

Nas has a very successful career in the rap field, and he is widely acknowledged for his work throughout the world. He has done several charity works in the services of the rap genre. The rapper also invested in many business ventures.

The rapper’s net worth is $80 million, including vast real estate and an expensive car collection. Currently, the rapper is involved in various business lines along with rapping and is making millions.