Necklace Jewellery – Top Trends and Fashions

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Necklace Jewellery

Today, people way of living totally depends upon the style or fashion which are trendy in the market or in our social life. These styles become the essential part of living for every single person. Fashion covers all the things which make person fashionable or  called as stylish. Apparels, cosmetics, jewellery, Shoes, etc. are all included in fashion. Most important now a days is jewellery. Any function either marriage or party function women wears matching jewellery which suits with their outfit. Without Jewellery, women’s outfit is incomplete.

Jewellery are of two types, one is  Fine jewellery and another is Fashion Jewellery. Fine jewellery is made of expensive stones or metals like gold, diamonds, gemstones, platinum, etc. Fashion jewellery made of other things like pearl, wood, glass, copper, beads, etc. Fashion jewellery also called as artificial jewellery or designer jewellery made with cheaper materials but design could be exactly same as Fine Jewellery. This is the reason it is cheaper and fits in the budget than fine jewellery. Nowadays, most of the women in India preferred artificial jewellery as it is the best way to flaunt her beauty in cheaper price. Fashion jewellery is basically popular in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

White Gold comes with an alternative to platinum. Platinum was progressively becoming more fashionable, but because of its expensiveness many people could not afford it. When the wedding season on high, jewellery are in high demand because ladies buy dresses or wedding dress after jewellery get finalized. Handcraft jewellery can wear in any occasion with different colors and various styles. Handcraft  jewellery will take some time to organize because of sorting the colors and purity of beads Jewellery has been made to beautify every part of the body. From head hairpins to toe rings. The word Jewellery comes from the word “Jewel”. There are so many types of fashion jewellery are available in the market which are classy as well as stylish. Some are below:

1)  Antique jewellery:

Antique jewellery is also called as vintage jewellery. Antique means piece at least 100 years old. This jewellery is not made of shimmering metal so that jewellery looks like antique. Antique Jewellery is a combination of two or three metals.

2) Natural stone Jewellery:

Natural stone jewellery is well appreciated in market now a days because it looks extraordinary and solid. Lady mostly wears on western dresses as this will enhance the beauty of the lady.

3) Kundan Jewellery:

This is the most traditional and lookwise heavy in design. It is unique in style in which glass pieces embedded in gold to make absolute masterpieces. In marriages, brides love to wear Kundan jewellery as it’s so attractive and impressive.

4) Bridal Jewellery:

This jewellery is basically designed for brides in occasion of her marriage. It includes Headset (including sun & moon), Necklace, Malai, bajuband, rokadi, bangles, mattal, jimikki, belt, nathu bullakku and earrings.

5) Pearl Jewellery:

Pearls come from the shells which are found in the sea. Pearls signify the purity. Pearl jewelleries symbolizes classy lifestyle. Pearls also used with fine jewellery to beautify the look of the jewellery.

6) Meenakari Jewellery:

Meenakari jewellery was  basically a first design in Jaipur and Maharaja Man Singh rewarded this art in the 16th century. It is designed with coating grooves in ornaments with coloured enamels.

7) Ceramic Jewellery:

These are the handmade jewellery. Ceramic  is made by  White earthenware clay and Porcelain clay. It is cut into various shapes using organic materials in order to create different patterns.

8) Paper Jewellery:

It is the easiest and cheapest jewellery. It is handmade and comes in trend as well. Paper jewellery having funky designs as well as light weighted jewellery. Jewellery is the best way to look good and perfect synonym for glamour, beauty, stunning and sparkling because of this it becomes womes’s best wear. The Accessory for stunning look wear fashion jewellery. Many e-commerce companies comes in market with different fashion  styles. Fascraft is one of those. It’s a online jewelry store where you can get lots of different fashionable jewellery at cheapest price….. So, what are you waiting for….Let’s flaunt your outfit GALS with Fascraft fashionable jewelleries…HURRYYYYYYY……!!!!