One Super Easy Way To Help You Get Rid Of Social Media

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Get Rid Of Social Media

Raise your hand if you stayed awake past midnight browsing through your social media posts at least once in the past week or so! I believe there are many of us who get lost going through the endless stream of pictures, announcements, and updates from our virtual friends or our favorite celebrities. We end up going to bed much later than we planned, and we end up waking up even more tired. And for what? We lose hours and hours looking at other people’s “perfect” lives, whereas we fail to notice we’ve neglected our own lives.

We’ve become totally caught up in the online world, either trying to make ourselves look perfect or being jealous over the seemingly ideal lives other people are leading. Wasting our time in front of the computer screen does us no good if it is turning us into slaves to the numbers of likes we receive. Even though we realize that the habit is not good for us, it’s hard to find a way to put a stop to it.

How can you regain your life? There is a simple way – you just need a pen and paper. To make it hard for you to access your profiles constantly, come up with a really long password by using random lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and numbers. Write the password down and put the paper somewhere out of your sight. Your password should be something like:

BjGh!ui?fWe53ysdgJhg#659/hguTerilcMnxZc867#kahdk!35 or even longer! The longer the password, the less likely you will be to give in to temptation. But, don’t cheat and use the “save password” option!

When you use such a complicated password, you’ll only be willing to type it in if you really need to log into your profile. And thus, you will rediscover the beauty of life, the beauty of reading books, listening to music, talking to your friends face to face, walking outside and doing something worthwhile instead of spending the days glued to your computer screen.

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