66 People Come and Go Quotes That Will Keep You Moving Forward

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People come and go from your life for a reason. Sometimes a day, sometimes a season, sometimes a lifetime. You will learn more from it if you know for what reason the person is with you.

It is because you have communicated a need intentionally or unknowingly when someone appears in your life. People come to help you in distress, assist you, and help you improve your personality and your soul’s growth physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

At a time, a person is saying or doing something that breaks the relationship. Or a favorite person occasionally dies, and sometimes they go back their way. They turn against you occasionally and force you to stand up.

Our needs have to be fulfilled. Our wish has been met, their job done. Our needs have been met. You have answered your unconscious or conscious inquiry, and now is the time to continue.

Some people come to life for a moment because sharing, developing, or learning is your turn. They bring you confusion and sorrow, peace or sorrow, make you laugh or cry. They will show you something you never did or did not have before.

Here are some quotes mentioned that will help you in accepting the facts that no one stays forever;

66 People Come and Go Quotes

1. “People come and go.’

2. “You will have three types of a friend in your life; one will be there for a reason, one for a season, and then the one who will be there for a lifetime.

3. “Not everyone will accept you the way you are.”

4. “Make peace and keep moving forward.”

5. “Not everyone will appreciate you.”

6. “Be busy in achieving your dreams.”

7. “Stop chasing people.”

8. “You are important.”

9. “Not everyone stays there for you.”

10. “Stop valuing people who do not respect you.”

11. “Sometimes people meet you and change your life.”

12. “Stop depending on people.”

13. “At the end, you will only have yourself.”

14. “Every person you lose is not a loss.”

15. “Be your own best friend.”

16. “Every person comes in your life to teach you a lesson.”

17. “There is a reason behind every person you meet.”

18. “Keep moving forward.”

19. “Either you meet people for a blessing or a lesson.”

20. “Only true people stay forever.”

21. “Life is about letting go.”

22. “Sometimes you need to let people go.”

23. “Only the right people stay forever.”

24. “People leave, Memory stays.”

25. “Don’t keep holding the people.”

26. “Things will get better with time.”

27. “Stop running after people.”

28. “You don’t need to prove yourself to others.”

29. “Not everyone is there for you.”

30. “Try to leave people in the past.”

31. “Everything has an end.”

32. “It takes seconds to leave from someone’s life.”

33. “Every person comes into your life for a limited time.”

34. “Some people will hurt you. Some will make you smile, but everyone will leave at a point.”

35. “People drift in and drift out of your life like some charterers from a fiction book.”

36. “Only the true people will last forever.”

37. “Moving on is hard, but it’s necessary.”

38. “Sometimes we know the value of people after they leave.”

39. “People are like seasons; they stay for a limited time.”

40. “Don’t disrespect yourself for others.”

41. “Not everyone fulfills their promise by staying.”

42. “Friends come and go.”

43. “Only true friends stay till the end.”

44. “The people who love you will always be there for you.”

45. “People leave. That is the part of life.”

46. “True friends will leave footprints in your heart.”

47. “There will always be a special place for some people in your heart.”

48. “Some people come and leave a positive impact on your life.”

49. “Different people leave a different impact on your life.”

50. “Does not matter what people do, you should always stay happy.”

51. “Happiness lies within you.”

52. “Some people come and change our life entirely.”

53. “People leave. Memories stay forever.”

54. “Do not trust everyone. People will leave after some time.”

55. “Live your life, don’t care about people.”

56. “Enjoy your little moments.”

57. “Enjoy little moments with your friends before they turn into strangers.”

58. “Sometimes your best friend turns into a stranger while strangers become your best friend.”

59. “People leave, and new people come; that’s how life keeps going.”

60. “Focus on your life and career. Friends will leave at a certain point.”

61. “Don’t waste your life after people. Focus on yourself because they will not be there for you always.”

62. “People born, they live, they die. That’s how the circle of life works.”

63. “Love your parents, family, and friends before they turn into dust.”

64. “Live in the moment, and you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.”

65. Forget the past, and don’t think about the future; live in the present.”

66. “Your family always be there for you, and rest will leave.”


In your lives, your relationships teach you the life lessons from which your soul can be made conscious. It is the hope you consider the experiences that you encounter in your life, embrace them, and learn to cope with them. Therefore, love these people and use all other connections and circumstances of your life of everything you learned from this relationship. If the person has hurt or is still doing, please forgive the person.

For that, you don’t have to acknowledge your actions. Notice that there’s a “higher” explanation for this that you sometimes don’t know in a situation that hurts you and makes you desperate. When you think back later, you always realize what the significance of the situation is for you. You could then be grateful for being there for a day, a season, or a lifetime.