Practice Online Yoga with Glo with Absolute Freedom for Overall Wellness

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Practicing yoga is an excellent way to build strength, to de-stress, get in-tune with your physic, get more flexible, and boost overall body health. However, it is tedious and expensive, but with yoga online, practicing yoga now is quite affordable and very convenient. Moreover, with the world becoming more digital, it is about time that yoga took the clue. However, shifting the traditional yoga practices into online options may seem odd, but it remains authentic.

Besides, yoga practitioners are enthusiastically swapping their studio memberships for the online option. So, what is so amazing about practicing yoga online with Glo at home?


Without the necessity to go to the yoga studio at any given time, online yoga accords you the freedom to choose the right time to practice. For instance, you can opt for dawn or late at night. The capability to spread out your mat at any time gives you the freedom and enthusiasm to enjoy yoga. Virtual yoga is easy and straightforward. For instance, you have placed the baby on its cot, and you have time to meditate.

Perhaps you are traveling for business and carried the laptop; it allows you to practice inside your hotel room. Maybe you have a dedicated space within your home where you enjoy unwinding and meditating. The online option presents you with a plethora of solutions and opportunities for the contemporary yogi.

Limitless Choices

At Glo, we offer online yogis with limitless choices to pick and enjoy. Everyone loves choices. Online yoga accords you the freedom to browse and select the class that suits your innate needs. Moreover, you have the chance to choose teachers, special workshops, guest lectures, and the different styles available. Flow with celebrated teachers who, in real life, you would never have the chance to practice. Possibly, you woke to feel you needed to unlock your hips, or you are feeling energized and desire an invigorating flow, the ability to select what your body wants from a yoga class is quite liberating, empowering and deeply satisfying.

Unmatched comfort

You could be new to yoga and feels uncomfortable practicing in a studio full of people. Yoga online lets you enjoy and develop your practice at the comfort of your home privacy while having the reliable support of a teacher. Thus, whether you are new to yoga; or a regular yogi looking to advance your practice, Glo online teachers will help you build a satisfying relationship with yoga at the comfort of your home.

Customized Yoga Classes

At Glo, we offer various yoga online classes offered by qualified teachers. Yamas and Niyamas is one of our popular online courses provided by Stephanie. It focuses on everyday practices of yoga principles to support lasting, positive, and real change. Through this class, you shall be able to explore the two initial limbs of yoga, as outlined in the Yoga Sutras manual. Elena Brower will take you through the second class called Practice You. Perhaps, all along you have been practicing you, but this class will transform you into a yoga guru. You have the chance to develop your own experience.

Finally, if you are new at yoga, we have an online class for you christened ‘the Art of Teaching Beginners’ by Jason Crandell. Though it is not easy to teach beginners, our class eradicates guesswork by offering you a workable blueprint for teaching novice yogis.