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Every woman and young girl in the world has a set of goals for her life. Everyone has the right to choose the direction that is most suitable for them. Queen Naija, an inspirational woman, is featured in this article. I am sure everybody has heard of her.

If you do not know who she is, do not worry; remain linked to this article and read it thoroughly, as it is written after extensive research.

Queen Naija is an American YouTube personality and singer who rose to prominence after appearing on the famous channel “Chris and Queen,” alongside her ex-husband Chris. She is also well-known for her music and beauty vlogs. Queen Naija net worth estimated $6 million because of her constant struggle.

What does Queen Naija claim to fame?

On American Idol in 2014, Queen Naija was first revealed to the world as Queen Bulls. She advanced to the Hollywood round but was knocked out before the top 30. In her spare time, she went back to work as a security guard in Detroit, concentrating her efforts on growing her YouTube presence with her husband, Christopher Sails.

After she was involved in an adultery scandal in 2017, she had a very public breakup with Sails. She went on to create her own YouTube channel, which she named after herself. Her mother gave her the title “Queen Naija” at birth; “Queen” was inspired by her grandmother, who had the same name, and “Naija” was her father’s name. Her mother is African American, and her father is from Yemen.

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Early life:

Queen Naija is known by both her first and middle names. Bulls are her surname. She was born on October 17, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan. There hasn’t been much detail released about the 5’1′′ singer’s kin. Her mother is Italian and black, and her late father, Naija, was Arab.

Tina and Terrell, her younger brothers, are her only siblings. They also have a popular YouTube channel together. Her ancestors are Afro-Americans, Arabs, and Italians. Queen is the same name as her grandmother.

Queen has a lot of tattoos on her body. The initial she received was a phrase that read, “Love yourself first.” Her chest bears an Arabic tattoo. Roses, musical notes, and a microphone can all be found on her tablet. Queen Naija served as a full-time security guard before becoming famous.

Height, weight, and size:

Queen is a decently tall woman, standing 5-foot 1 inch tall and weighing about 55 kilograms.

Personal life:

Queen Naija was married to Christopher Sails, a well-known blogger. In 2013, they met at a basketball game in high school. Their four-year relationship began in April 2013, and they married in 2017. They were initially happy together, and in February 2015, they had a son called Chris Jr.

Unfortunately for them, their happiness did not last, and they divorced in 2017. It was not until April 2018 that the divorce was finalized. Their divorce was well-publicized and in the news. Chris admitted to Queen that he had cheated on her.

Queen wanted to concentrate on her music after the divorce was finalized, and she claimed that she had no plans for a new relationship.

Clarence White, her boyfriend, is her current boyfriend. Clarence is the creator of the clothing line “Designed by White.” Clarence NYC is his YouTube and Instagram handle. In the middle of 2018, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child together.

The mother of two sons, one is Lorenzo White’s legend.

Queen Naija Personal life


For a long time, Queen Naija wished to be an artist. Before establishing herself as “Queen bulls,” she began her career as a singer in her home church. She auditioned for season eight of American Idol in 2014 and made it to the Hollywood round.

When she returned home from American Idol, she and her then-husband, Christopher Sails, started their own YouTube channel. “Chris and Queen” was the channel’s name in 2016. On their YouTube channel, they would post videos such as competitions, pranks, and vlogs.

The pair soon rose to fame, and their fans and followers adored and loved them. At the time, one of their pranks, “Cheating prank on wife,” received a lot of attention. Chris took over the channel after the couple split in 2017, while Queen started her own YouTube channel where she posted make-up and music.

“Caught Slipping with Armon Prank on Trey,” “The real reason why I left,” “How to Make Hot Cheeto Chicken Wings” with Perfect laughs, and, “He told me to come out of my shell” are some of the most famous videos from her solo channel. She has done a lot of work.

Queen released a new song called “Medicine” in March 2018, inspired by her divorce from Chris. The song was a huge hit, with over 46 million SoundCloud spins and over 88 million YouTube views.

The top of the list was #45, on the Billboard Hot 100, and #31. The song’s popularity landed her a record contract with Capitol Records the following year. She released a new song called “Karma” in June of 2018.

In July 2018, she released her self-titled debut E.P. It also included songs like “Butterflies,” “Mama’s Side,” and “Bad Boy.” The E.P. debuted at #1 on Apple Music’s R&B chart and #26 on Billboard’s 200. El Jefe, No I.D., and other artists contributed to the show.

Queen and Clarence started their own YouTube channel named “Royal Family” in July 2018, where they began uploading new videos. Spicy management is currently in charge of Queen Naija’s management.

What is Queen Naija net worth from YouTube and music?

According to reports, Queen Naija has an estimated net worth of about $6 million. However, in today’s world, music is not a lucrative profession for the artist unless they are on the road, and there is not much touring to be done during a global pandemic. As a result, YouTube accounts for the majority of Queen Naija’s earnings.

Queen Naija earns about $180,000 a year from ads on her YouTube video, which has 5 million subscribers. Therefore, its net value, including money gained from her musical efforts, Queen Naija net worth is estimated at $6 million dollars.


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Facts to Ponder:

Queen Naija decided to undergo an operation to reinforce her body after the birth of her second son. She started blogging about her Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck, expressing her delight with the performance.

Many of her fans chastised her for undergoing surgery. They thought she was normalizing the situation. Queen has been transparent and frank about her self-esteem journey for a long time. She has also spoken with her fans about her decision to undergo surgery, inspiring and motivating the young ladies and women out there.

Awards and achievements:

The official of Queen Naija YouTube сhаnnеl has a total of 700 million views and 5.2 million subscribers. Another channel, “Rоуаl Fаmilу,” has also received a total of more than 160 million dollars.

Her vidео sоng “mеdiсinе” is the most-watched video on her channel, with 160 million views. Youtubе has аwаrdеd Naija the silver and golden рlау button for reaching 100k and 1 million subscribers.


American Idol is known for producing stars, but you do not even have to make it to the top of the bench to be good. Queen Naija is proof that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

She began her career as a channel on YouTube with her husband, but after their divorce, she started her own channel to post make-up and music videos. One of her music videos became well-known and was named “medicine.”

Now, with a large following on her YouTube channel, she has amassed a net worth of $6 million.


Is Queen Naija half-Arab?

Queen Naija, who was born on October 17, 1995, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, has a diverse heritage that includes Arab, Black, Italian, and possibly Indian ancestry. Her father hails from Yemen, and her mother give her the name Queen Naija.

What is the real name of Queen Naija?

Queen Naija, whose real name is Queen Naija Bulls, made it to the “Hollywood” portion of the hit competition show but was cut before the top 30.

How many kids does Queen Naija have?

Queen Naija has two kids. She became a mom and got married at 19 to Chris Sails, with whom she had a child. However, they later divorced due to his infidelity