Rachel Campos-Duffy Net Worth 2024 – Biography, Husband & Facts

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Rachel Campos-Duffy Net Worth; $100 thousand

Rachel Campos-Duffy is a Television personality in America. She became famous in 1994 when she worked as a member of the MTV reality series The Real World: San Francisco. She remained a television guest host on the ABC talk show The View. She also worked on Fox News as a co-host. Now, she is working as a guest host on Fox & Friends Weekend. She married a politician, Sean Duffy. Rachel Campos-Duffy net worth is around $100 thousand as of 2024.

Biography of Rachel Campos-Duffy

Name: Rachel Campos-Duffy
Professional Name: Rachel Campos-Duffy
Gender: Female
Birth Place: Tempe, Arizona, United States
Date of Birth: October 22, 1971
Birthday: October 22
Age: 52 years old
Nationality: American
Height: 5 ft 3 inch
Weight: 57 kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Smokey
Spouse: Sean Duffy
Parents: Miguel Campos, Maria Del Pilar
Religion: Christianity
Profession: Actress, TV Personality, and Television Presenter
Net Worth: $100 thousand

Early Life of Rachel Campos- Duffy

Rachel Campos-Duffy was born on October 22, 1971. His birthplace was Tempe, Arizona, United States. Her father is Miguel Campos, and her mother is Maria Del Pilar. Her parents were both teachers at junior high school in Chandler, Arizona. She grew up in Arizona.

Educational Background and as a professor

Rachel Campos-Duffy studied at Seton Catholic Preparatory High School. She attended the State University in Arizona. She graduated from this university in December 1993.

She got a degree in Economics. She got the Woodrow Wilson Graduate Fellowship and became a college professor. He did his masters in international affairs from the University of California, San Diego.

Professional Life as a TV Personality

Rachel Campos-Duffy started his career as a TV personality in January 1994. She started when she appeared on The Real World San Francisco as a cast. In this TV channel, she lived in a house on Russian Hill with her sic roommates.

She rose to fame, and the public started to like her. She started a show on MTV as a promotion of Public reviews. She talked about politics on these shows, and sometimes opinions about politicians became difficult for her house and family.

Working in Road Rules: All-Stars

Rachel Campos-Duffy became a part of Road Rules: All Stars. She met her future husband and dating, Sean Duffy, here. He was in the Real World: Boston cast. She became a top 10 Real World star in 2003 The Wedding Video film.

Rachel, as a Co-Host on many TV shows

From 2003 to 2014, Rachel Campos-Duffy remained a co-host on The View. She worked in the TV series Life Is Like from 2007 to 2008. She also worked with the team on the television series Cashin In from 2016 to 2017. She has been a co-host on the TV series Outnumbered in 2014. She also started co-hosting in the series Fox & Friends.

Appearance on other TV shows and Recent Job

Rachel Campos-Duffy appeared on the episodes of the TV shows Hannity, Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Ingraham Angle, Lou Dobbs Tonight, The Fox News Specialists, and many more. In May 2021, she was hired permanently as a co-host on Fox & Friends Weekend.

Personal Life and Children

Rachel Campos-Duffy is a married woman. She married to a Road Rules: All Stars, Sean Duffy, in 1999. They gave birth to nine children. She and her family lived in Ashland, Wisconsin. They migrated to Wausau. Her husband is a politician, ex-sports Commentator, Prosecutor, and reality TV personality. He was a co-host at The Bottom Line on Fox Business.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Net Worth

Rachel Campos-Duffy is a TV reality star in America. She earns most of her money through her appearances on many television shows. Her estimated net worth is about $100 thousand. She has sponsorships with many brands. These are also the ways of her earnings.

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