Things To Remember Before Long Drive

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Remember Before Long Drive

Long Drive; including me, everyone simply loves it. It is because visiting different places around the city, country or world pleases and relaxes your mind. One of the psychological reports suggests that you must visit different places. Visiting the new place in a year improves your productivity and makes you more efficient at work. Most people cannot afford visiting hill stations, other countries and tourism places.

The Long Drive is a Great Thing

In this reading, you shall read something very informative. If you like it, share it with your circle. Let them also enjoy their drives and make it better.

Car Maintenance:

We recommend you to have a general checkup from certified car workshop. Otherwise check your brakes, engine oil and water pumps. Check your meter, Consult your mechanic and pay some dollars to him for timing belt replacement. You may face serious outcomes on timing belt broke.

Drink well:

Drinking water keeps you hydrated and active. It can also cause multiple brakes for bathroom but you must keep sufficient water bottles with you. It helps to fight with sleep

Plan Your Trip:

You can have different vacation plans. You must plan everything, where to stop an where to have food. Decide everything before leaving. Always try to have one stop after 2-3 hour drive.


Keep some snacks in the car; a great alternative is bubble gum. Chewing it will help your brain to wake and stay alert. Driver will stay alert because repeating the same process increase alertness and blood circulation.

Sleep well:

Drive must have a sound sleep before going out. A minimum 8 hour sleep is enough. Do not try to drive for consecutive hour. Take rest after 10-12 hours of drive. It’s good if you sleep for 2-3 hours.


Car air fresheners are great to boost and refresh your mind. Take some good scents with you.

Entertain yourself:

Ask passengers to keep communicating with you. Hearing average funny jokes, talking to others, solving some riddles are tricks to keep environment good and remembered.

Avoid Driving:

Do not drive in sun rises and sun sets. Take rest at these timing. This is the time when it’s neither day nor night. At this time, visions are not clear at all. Especially when see headlights of cars coming from opposite side.


Set your budget according to your to pocket. Make the predefined list of expenses on road like this sample.

  • Fuel: 100$
  • Meal: 200$
  • Car: 250$
  • Miscellaneous: 200$
  • Total: 750$

It is to stay in your budget. Disturbing your budget can demotivate you for further drives.


Do not wear formal dresses and shoes on a long drive. Informal and comfortable dressing is good option.


Keep your camera with you. Charge it before leaving. Take great views in your camera to recall these days.

Final Words:

We do everything to improve our life style. Add recreational activities in your scheduled life to spend time with yourself and your family. Every successful entrepreneur makes multiple trips in a year. People in hectic jobs truly need one day a month or a week in a year to spend relaxing time at some beach, mountain or place they love.