How To Remove Low Quality Backlinks From Your Website To Improve Rankings

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If I am talking about backlinks then some backlinks are good for your website and some backlinks are bad for your websites. Always take care of one thing that you are taking backlinks from those websites that have high domain authority. Don’t take backlinks from the websites that have low domain authority or if you have already some backlinks of low authority websites then remove all the backlinks for better ranking.

Backlinks removal service becomes very popular when Google released its Google Penguin. According to the algorithm of search engines, if your website is having more backlinks then the chance to get rank on google is high with the keywords.

Low Quality Backlinks

Sometimes you just need a backlink either of good quality or bad nothing matters. If your website has an unnatural backlink then your website might be penalized due to the policy of search engines. But right now if you are talking backlinks then make sure that the domain authority of that website is high.

People paid to get more backlinks as much as they can and now people are paying to remove backlinks from their website to prevent your website from penalization.

Things You Need to Know Before Removing Backlinks

  • There are many tools available with the help of those tools you can remove your backlinks. Don’t use those tools at any cost. If you are using those tools you might lose your best backlinks who have high authority.
  • Don’t hire any company to remove your backlinks because most of the time even they can able to remove those backlinks. The best thing is to remove your backlinks from your own. There is not any formula to remove backlinks.
  • Only removing your bad backlinks from your website is not enough. You also make your disavow report with all the bad backlinks present on your website.

Analysis of The Backlinks

Everything you have to do to remove your backlinks starts with bank analysis. You need to know about your backlinks that which backlinks are important for you and which you want to remove.

I know many of you don’t know that which link is having a good value, for this use monitor backlinks. This tool helps me out to recover my website from google penguin penalties and also helps me to recover from the panda penalty.

Analysis of The Backlinks

You just have to know how to perform backlink analysis:

  • The best thing is monitor backlink provides you 30 days free trial.
  • One more thing you have to do is connect your domain with google analytics.
  • Now import your backlinks from the webmaster tool to the Monitor Backlinks. For this, you need to go to the webmaster tool and click on search traffic and then links to your website.

After doing this you will see a module on the next page, who links your website the most.

Now click on more and then the next step is to download the latest links.

You will see that the latest backlinks report, what google found you so far.

  • Go back to the backlinks page on monitor backlinks and Choose to add new backlinks. Now you have to import the files by clicking import links from files. Now you don’t need to anything because your monitor backlinks tool automatically picks up the file from google webmaster tools and imports it.
  • Your monitor backlinks collected all the links, now give a moment to your monitor backlinks to get the details about your link which is present on your website. After the filtration of all the backlinks, you can determine the quality of your backlinks by metrics.

Now choose your links which is important to you according to the domain authority, page authority, anchor text, Moz rank, Spam score, Google index status, and a number of backlinks, and more.

Now make the final reports of backlinks which is good for you and remove all the backlinks which are worthless.

  • When you almost find that which link you want to remove then go to settings. now choose to edit and add a tag to your backlink. It is better if you are using easy tags because it will be easy to find that link later.
  • Now get the reports from monitor backlinks and use filters to customize your chart with all the details about your links present on your website.
  • Now tag all the backlinks you want to remove and remove them from your website.

How To Remove Backlinks From Your Website

The process of removing links from the website is time-consuming. If you want to remove thousands of backlinks from your website. This is impossible to remove all the backlinks. Now you have to prove yourself in front of Google that you did your best to remove all the bad quality backlinks from your website before submitting the disavow report.

If you are not penalized yet then it’s a good thing for you but remove low-quality links from the website is important.

Remove Backlinks From Your Website

Now you have to contact the webmaster of the website to remove the backlinks from your website. Make sure that you are treating the webmaster nicely if you want a quick and better response from the webmaster.

Go through the steps I mentioned below to remove bad backlinks.

  • Identify all the links you want to remove from your website.
  • Now you have to find the contact information on the website. If you found nothing then find the email address to register the domain and host the website.
  • The next step is to send the mail to the webmaster and find the exact location of the backlinks to remove. Now wait and webmasters have to do their work. It will remove the backlinks in less than one minute.
  • Now the last thing is to send a follow up if you did not get any reply within 5 or 10 minutes.

How To Know When Your Backlink is Deleted

When the procedure of removing backlinks is going on. Sometimes the Google webmaster removes the backlinks without giving you any notice. Even you don’t have time to check each backlink manually.

That’s why monitoring backlinks are better because it gives you a notification on every removal of a backlink. Even you can check the status of the backlink from ok to backlink not detected.

What You Will Do With Those Backlinks You Can’t able To Remove

I told you in the starting that it is impossible to remove all the backlinks from your website. You can only remove your 10 to 20% backlinks which is good. For the backlinks, you are not able to remove, make a report of those backlinks, and create a disavow report and submit that report to the google webmaster tools.

You have to take care of these things while removing low-quality links from your website.

Low-quality backlinks are not beneficial for your website so try to remove all of them to get the best ranking on the search engine. These backlinks affect your ranking. Always prefer a website that has high domain authority or page authority because this will help you to increase your popularity and ranking. Removing backlinks from your website is not an easy task but I mention all the possible things you should easily do to remove the backlinks from your website. Just go through the article properly and learn how to remove low-quality backlinks from your website.