Roof Edge Security: Preventing Falls Through Roof Guardrails

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Roof Edge Security

A Roof edge protection guardrail system is a vital safety element in a collective fall protection system. Freestanding / fixed handrails offering steadfast roof edge protection have a key role to play in offering a secure environment for all the individuals who require working at height. For the construction project and for the cleaning and maintenance of the homes and roof, you need to install the roof guardrails. Now you can find different kinds of roof guardrails available in the market and the aluminum and steel guardrails are the most durable and cost effective for everyone.

There are several premium companies that offer you comprehensive proficiency in the designing and the installation of a safety guard rail system for protection of roof edges, access points, and walkways for all types of flat or slanting roof area, on industrial and commercial buildings.

Freestanding Roof Guardrails:

In the places where just sporadic rooftop access is necessary, free-standing roof handrail systems are more than sufficient for collective fall safety.

  • These are lightweight handrails that make use of a counter-weighted, non-slip system that does away with the penetrating of the roof membrane.
  • These freestanding systems also come in Collapsible forms for helping in minimizing the impact on the aesthetics of a building.

Roof Handrail

Fixed Roof Guardrails:

These are meant for all places where the requirement for accessing the rooftop is more regular, an example of which is situations where a group of people requires being protected. In all such places the permanent, fixed roof handrail systems are the ideal option for collective fall protection. You can install in to access your roof on regular basis and in this way you can clean and maintain your roof and rooftop garden.

Various Freestanding and Fixed Systems Are Available:

There is a range of Roof Guardrail systems of the free-standing as well as fixed options. Every single Roof Guardrail system is exclusively designed for being installed on diverse roof types. A good number of systems share vital components and this means the personnel can configure them together on the identical roof area presenting the utmost flexibility for a good number of roof configurations.

Features of A Straightforward and Cost-Effective Freestanding Guardrail System:

  • Functions on a verified counterbalance system
  • There is no need for penetrating a roof membrane
  • They have Minimum components that make their installation a breeze
  • They have an exclusive open style fitting that lets the speedy installation of horizontal rails
  • There is no need for threading, welding, or bolting on site
  • They are apt for use on asphalt, PVC membrane, concrete, and felt rooftop surfaces
  • Their Modular design permits reconfiguration on site on the need arising

Handrail Systems – Where Are They Required the Most:

The freestanding fall defense guardrail systems offer collective safety for every one of the people who must access the roof area, mainly for all contractors who may require maintaining “PV panels.”

  • Where people require protection in diminutive areas, the handrail collective protection may well be the most suitable form of security/defense.
  • A key benefit of making use of a collective defense system is that it lessens the requirement for coaching. This can be extremely effective in all places where areas must be accessed on semi-recurrent/ recurrent basis. The importance is more for maintenance personnel who do have proper training in making use of individual height safety gear.

In a number of instances, where a firm guardrail is not necessary, a demarcation barrier structure can be more fitting. It is frequently made use of for guiding roof traffic off the danger zones, lessening the possibility of falling.