Top 5 Roof Types

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Roof Types

Building a new house is not an easy job. You want nothing less than perfect for your house. From design to material everything you choose is of the best quality. Then when it comes to roofing you still choose the best style for your house. That will not only make it look stylish and attractive but also protection. But choosing a roofing style is not an easy job. When you are building a new house or even want to retrofit an old one, choosing color, style, and the material is a hectic job. Because roofing style changes the whole appearance o the house.

Roofs are important not only for their styling ability but they also provide additional space, energy efficient and resilient from harsh weathers. They also provide protection from hurricanes and tornados.

Famous Roof Styles are as Follows

  • Gable roof style
  • Mansard roof
  • Hip roof
  • Skillion roof
  • Gambrel roof

Following are the five best roofing styles that are commonly used and are cheap and stylish at the same time.

Gable Roof:

This type of roof is also known as peak roof and pitched roof. It is one of the most famous roof styles and is easily found in western countries. This kind of roof has a triangular shape. This type of roofs has the ability to shed snow and water from its top easily because of its triangular shape. t also provides extra space for an attic that helps extra ventilation. This is the simplest and easiest design to construct. Because of its simplicity, it is also cheaper in cost.

To elongate its strength and age, checking is important so that it should be ensured that no other harm occurs. This type of roofing style is not suitable for heavy winds and hurricane areas.

Materials that can be used for this type of roofing include metal, clay sheets, tiles or asphalt shingles. To prevent roof leaking metal shingles and standing seam re best materials.

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Hip Roof:

The hip roof is really attractive and the most demanding roof among people. This roofing style has four sloppy sides. All the sides are equal in length and are joined together at the top to form the ridge. This roof style is more stable and durable. The inward slope of the hip roof makes this style sturdy and compatible. Unlike gable roof, this roofing style is more compatible for extreme windy and snowy areas. This roofing style will not allow water or snow or any moisture to stand on the roof. Like Gable roof Hip roof also provide extra room space to the house.

Continues examination and maintenance are essential to gain more benefit from this style. But lack of maintenance can cause many minor leaking issues and other weathering effects.

Types of Hip Roofs

  • Simple Hip
  • Cross Hipped
  • Half Hipped

Mansard Roof:

Mansard roof is also called a French roof. This roofing style has four-sides and on slides, it has double slopes. Based on the style sides of the roof can be flat or curved.

This roof has a modern and unique touch. It also gives extra living space that can be open or closed and gives the dorm aesthetic look. The attic room is also called garret along with dorm.

This roofing is more expensive than others because of its minor roofing details and embellishments. The building material includes copper and zinc that increases its face value and its strength.

Gambrel Roof:

The gambrel roof is like a mansard roof that also has two different kinds of slopes. But unlike mansard roof, it just has two sides. Like the mansard roof, its lower side of the slope is steep and vertical while the upper slope is lower than that.

This roofing style also provides extra room for attic and its construction is also simple to frame. Its construction material includes very few items that are why its price is also low. This kind of roof is easily seen on the farmhouses and barns. Windows should be present to increase the light area of the roof. Daily maintenance is also necessary to avoid water leakages. JNS Construction in Monroe provides reasonable roofing styles and also follow up their construction to give minimum stress to the clients.

Skillion Roof:

This roofing style is basically used along with tall walls. These roofs are used as home additions. But these days they are also used as a modern style house structure. These roofs are easy to assemble and useless construction materials. This roofing style is best for the snowy region.