6 Smartphone Accessories You Should Carry With You in 2017

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Smartphone Accessories

Have you ever traveled without your baggage?

Then how do you expect your phone to do it?

Whether you are going out on vacation or you just travel a lot because of work, a phone is too important to not carry with you.

And to use it to its full potential and keep you at comfortable you need to get some phone accessories.

So don’t forget to get these when you are at mobile accessories wholesale in the UK:

Mini USB Cables:

While they may be frustrating at times, they are an asset when you travel.

Long cables tend to get tangled in the bags and make a mess.

More often than not the wire ends up getting damaged due to turning and folding.

It’s one of the reasons that cables don’t last very long.

Mini USB cables are easy to carry, store, find and use.

They don’t make a mess.

Power Bank:

If you have to travel long hours, there is no way that your phones will make it.

Most of the phones hardly last half a day without demanding another top-up.

Now you can’t carry around an electric circuit with you, can you?

But what you can carry is portable batteries.

Try getting high capacity power bank if you have more than one device or have a long flight.

You can get all kinds from mobile accessories wholesale in the UK at a very reasonable price.

Flash drive:

Traveling or not, you should always have a flash drive on you.

Yes, phones have minimized the use of computers, and usually, that is all we need.

But you never know when they might not be enough.

Especially if you are a student or someone who works with an exchange of files.

Even if you are neither, you should keep one just in case.


One of the most important phone accessory that is a must to have.

When you are traveling, it is easy to disturb other people, and you don’t want that to happen.

So it’s polite to use headphone.

If you are on the other end, then you can buy headphones that cancel the noise if your neighbor is not as polite as you’d like.

Or you can just use them to listen to music as you carry on your journey.

Power Splitters:

You can get tons of Phone case wholesale in the UK; they are much better bought in bulk anyway.

It is usually idea if you have a lot of devices on you.

You may not have a lot of options in the place that you will stay for the while or maybe you can’t afford to have all your devices scattered all over the place.

There are power splitters with USB ports as well so that you don’t need a plug at all and can use the sockets for other plugs like laptop chargers.


When you keep so many things in your bag, you either end up damaging them by folding them neatly or with uneven bumps on your bag.

Make your life easier with the use of organizer that keeps your things in shape, safe and saves space.

Happy traveling!