How Stage Hiring Can Make Your Life Easier

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Stage Hiring

When you’re organising an event – whether it’s a small, intimate wedding or a five day festival extravaganza – there are lists and lists of tasks to do and equipment to order.

Making sure that your entertainment is positioned somewhere that they can entertain safely can be a huge headache. You need to ensure enough height that everyone can see them without endangering the performers themselves. You need to be sure the stage is strong and stable enough to cope with whatever the performance demands – whether that’s a chorus line tap dancing, a grand piano or just a DJ and his decks.

If your venue requires a custom stage to meet your requirements it can be tempting to design it yourself. But instead of adding yet another task to your growing to-do list it’s far better to simply call the Stage Hiring professionals.

Wide selection of Stage Parts:

A stage hire company doesn’t just have “a stage” that they bring out when you hire it. They use top quality modular systems such as “Litedeck” to mix and match parts to create the perfect stage for your venue. This means your production ideas needn’t be limited by the available stage area as runways, steps and tiered areas can be created as needed – the only limit is your imagination (and perhaps your budget).

Experience in Fitting Stages in All Environments:

You might have run many events in the past or have years of production experience but do you know how to ensure an outdoor stage doesn’t sink into the mud and what type of roof you need to keep the equipment dry? Professional stage-hiring companies will have fitted stages into all types of environments and lived to tell the tale (in fact, why not ask them for some references from jobs they’ve done in the past?)

Plenty of Muscle:

Putting a stage together is not for the faint hearted. Even a simple stage in a village hall requires several decks with the associated legs, joiners, steps, bracing and railings. It’s like putting together a complicated jigsaw puzzle where you haven’t got a picture and all the pieces have straight edges. Unless putting together and dismantling stages is something you do every day. Getting a company in means your stage will be ready to use faster and with less risk of errors in construction than trying to do it yourself. And when it comes to tidying up the stage will vanish faster than you would have thought possible leaving you with more time to concentrate on the rest of the cleanup operation.

Compliant With Legislation:

Do you know your IStructE ‘Temporary Demountable Structures – Guidance on Design, Procurement and Use’ (Second Edition) from your Purple Guide? Your stage hire company will and moreover you would expect to be able to get proof that they are working to the IStructE guidelines. They will also have no difficulty in reassuring you that they have the necessary public liability insurance and will be able to assist you with acquiring any local planning permissions you may need to ensure your event will be able to go ahead. To this end, their quote should include a diagram of the setup they are proposing so that you can be sure what you’ve ordered and agreed is what you’re getting.

More Than Just A Stage:

Many stage hire companies can provide you with your entire sound setup as well. Going with one company will ensure compatibility between components such as making sure gantries can carry the speakers you plan to mount on them. And the fewer companies you deal with the fewer headaches you’ll have getting your event from planning to playing.