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Stormi Steele Net Worth

Stormi Steele is a beautician, salon owner, hairdresser, and TV personality in America. She has become a household personality in the industry of beauty. Stormi Steele is the founder of a brand, Canvas Beauty Brand. She also remained the CEO of this brand. Stormi is also a star of a TV show, Love and Marriage Huntsville. She has invested in many brands and businesses. She has a significant net worth at the age of 34. In 2024, Stormi Steele net worth is around $20 million.

Biography of Stormi Steele

Name: Stormi Steele
Nick Name: Stormi
Gender: Female
Birth Place: America
Date of Birth: 1989
Age: 35 years old
Nationality: American
Religion: Christianity
Height: 5 ft  4 inch
Weight: 61kg
Eye Color: Brown
Children: 1 Children
Spouse: Courtney Beasley
Profession: Hairstylist, Salon Owner
Net Worth: $20 million

Early Life of Stormi Steele

Stormi Steele was born in 1989 in Mississippi, United States. Her birthplace was De Kalb, Mississippi. She has been very fond of hairstyling since childhood. She has a dream of becoming a hairdresser and making a beauty parlor.

To prove her dream, she joined a nearby cosmetics school in 2011 to become a reality her dreams. She could not get the license for her semester because of her fight with her father.

Educational Background

Stormi Steele got her early education at a local school in Mississippi. She attended a nearby school of cosmetology to support her passion and dream.

Stormi entered a college to get a higher education at Mississippi State University. She left her college soon.

Career Journey and Professional Life

Stormi Steele started her career when she dropped out of college. She left De Kalb and moved to Huntsville, Alabama.

She worked at a local beauty salon with a Great Spirit and determination in Huntsville. In this salon, she worked under a skillful and talented stylist. That was a great time to get her license of hairstyling for her. She tried to get it because she had many free hours.

Her aim in life did not stop there. She wanted to grow her talent. She began to do many tests to prepare her hair products.

We know that the way of success is not without difficulties. Stormi faced a lot of barriers to get her license. After some time, her efforts came on, and she got her license for hair styling.

Canvas Beauty Brand’s Owner

She worked at this local salon for seven months, and during this time, she did many experiments to improve her talent. After a great effort, she got the solution of growing her business, hairstyling.

Once, one of her clients suggested and encouraged her to take her passion to the upper level. Stormi Steele established her own business, Canvas Beauty Brand, in 2018.

Her business became popular in a short time. She thought that she would expand her business and products worldwide. She published her products for sale online. She got significant revenue on different platforms. These products grow her business of Canvas Beauty.

Reality Television Star

Alonge her shining business, Stormi earned additional payments as a TV personality. She appeared in the reality TV series Love And Marriage Huntsville and was called a reality star.

Official Website of the Brand and Instagram account

To expand her Canvas Beauty products worldwide, Stormi launched an official website URL, She has an Instagram account to update her products and beauty tips at @canvasgirlbeauty.

Personal Life and Family

Stormi Steele is a married lady. She married her long-time boyfriend and a footballer, Courtney Beasley. He is a co-founder of the beauty brand of Canvas Beauty Brand.

They established this company together. In 2021, they welcomed a baby boy. Stormi Steele uploads pictures with her husband and baby on her Instagram account to delight her fans.

Stormi Steele Net Worth

Stormi Steele is a beauty expert and hairstylist. She has her own beauty brand named Canvas Beauty Brand. Her net worth is significant to her. Her estimated net worth is about $20 million. She is also the CEO of her successful business of beauty.

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