Tips to Manage Superyacht Uniforms

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Superyacht Uniforms

Most yacht companies provide their staff with uniforms, especially if they are at the frontend, interfacing with the customers.

Uniforms are a notable way to reflect the company’s professionalism, more so in the service industry where the personnel is required to look sharp and presentable at all times. Superyacht crew has to dress to impress for their company to look reliable. However, with so many employees on board, having everyone wear a uniform can be very expensive.

According to experts at Yachtneeds, keeping an inventory management system for uniforms can be a great way to reduce their wastage and misuse. In fact, it is believed that having a system in place can improve the efficiency of operations.

Inventory Control System:

In an ideal situation, a superyacht should have a uniform inventory management system that uses barcodes to keep the stock updated. This is a great way to maintain an inventory of all the uniforms, especially if the company owns more than one yacht. However, even though this process is very effective, it requires a lot of man-hours for it to work competently. The crew would have to manually scan each uniform to have a reliable record. Needless to say, it also requires a huge investment to manage an operation of this scale.

Tips to Manage Crew Uniform Affordably:

In large companies, the job of maintaining and distributing staff uniforms is handled by chief stewardess/housekeeper on the superyacht. This person is also responsible for keeping the uniforms neat and tidy at all times. They are also tasked with the responsibility of conducting regular inspections and keep a track of new uniforms. Most of the time, it is chief stewardess/housekeeper’s responsibility for laundering and maintenance of the uniforms.

Here are some expert tips that will help you manage the large stock of crew uniforms in an efficient manner.

How to Use Old Uniform?

Needless to say, if the uniform is in good condition then you can either keep them and reuse it for new employees or give it back to the uniform stores. However, if it is worn out, you can cut it up to use for other purposes.

How to Choose a Supplier?

If you are looking to add new uniforms to your inventory, then you should start looking for clothes manufacturers who specialize in yacht uniforms and understand the craftsmanship required for the job. Many uniform suppliers take the working conditions into account when choosing the fabric. You must work with someone who can offer you professional expertise in choosing the right textile that matches the quality standards expected from a superyacht crew.

How to Store Uniforms?

Many yachts overlook the space it needs to store uniforms. Not having enough storage space can seriously impact the yacht’s efficiency. You must make sure that you have enough room to store uniform inside the boat.

The way your crew is dressed can have a huge impact on your brand image, especially if you are working on a luxury yacht. The tips in this article will help you manage the staff uniform with utmost efficiency.