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Tame Impala Net Worth

Tame Impala is a psychedelic rock band formed by Australian musician Kevin Parker, who writes, records, performs, and produces the music. Tame Impala is a band that tours with Kevin Parker on lyrics, guitar, and synthesizer, Dominic Simper on guitar and synthesizer, Jay Watson on synthesizer, vocals, and guitar, Cam Avery on bass guitar, vocals, and synthesizer, and Julien Barbagallo on drums and vocals. In 2024, Tame Impala net worth is around $5- 10 million.

The band has close ties with another Australian psychedelic rock group, Pond, with whom they share members and collaborators, including Nick Allbrook, who was once a live member of Tame Impala. Although initially signed with Modular Recordings. Now, Tame Impala is signed with Interscope Records in the United States and Fiction Records in the UK.

Founder of Tame Impala

Kevin Richard Parker is the founder of Tame Impala. He was born on 20 January 1986 in Sydney, Australia. The name of his father was Jerry from Rhodesia.

His mother was Rosalind from South Africa. Kevin is fond of music and directing. When he was three years old, his parent separated. His early life was too difficult. He lived in Perth, Western Australia.

When Kevin was seven years old, he started to write songs. At 11, he used to start drumming. His father “Jerry,” taught him how to play a Guitar. Kevin formed a recording when he was 12 years old.

Albums of Tame Impala

Kevin created the “Tame Impala” project in 2007. Its origin was in Perth. It released a hit series of singles and EPs. In 2010, Tame Impala also released an album named Innerspeaker.

This album got gold in Australia and was well-earned from Pundits. In 2012, Kevin Parker’s followers were all over the world. Lonerism asked him to come to Australia for Platinum Status to receive a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.

In July 2015, the third album, “Currents” by Tame Impala, was released. Like others, this album won ARIA Awards for Best Rock Album and became the Album of the Year. In 2016, Kevin Parker sang the song from their album Currnts, “Let It Happen,” which won the ARIA Award of the Year.

On 14 February 2020, Tame Impala released its fourth album, “The Slow Rush”. In 2020, Tame Impala won five awards for this album from the ARIA Awards.

Tame Impala’s Journey to Success

Early Career

Tame Impala’s origin was in Perth. Kevin Parker did a lot of work for this. He played many services as the Dee Dee Drum, a rock duo, and Luke Epstein. Tame Impala was formed in 2007 by Kevin Parker and posted many tracks on Myspace.

The band got a great interest in the world and did worldwide deals with many companies. In July 2008, Tame Impala signed with Modular Recordings, an independent company. Kevin got the help of Dominic Simper and Jay Watson to record local gigs in live settings.

In the Tame Impala EP

In September 2008, Tame Impala released a self-titled EP in singing to Modular. Its position became the No. 1 on the Australian Independent Record Labels (AIR) Char. It also became No. 10 on the ARIA Physical Singles Chart for “Desire Be, Desire Go,” “Half Full Glass of Wine,” and “Skeleton Tiger” songs. Triple J Radio Station received these songs a national radio airplay.

In 2008, Tame Impala went on the tours for “You Am I,” “The Black Keys,” “Yeasayer,” and “MGMT.” He performed at the Southbound Festival, Meredith Music Festival, and Falls Festival. He also visits national headlines to help the EP. In 2009, he went on a tour to include a Solid-Out-Six-Date “Skeleton Tiger” national headline and five more UK tours at V Festival.

Working on Currents

In 2014, Kevin Parker began a new album, Lonerism. Many posts were uploaded on Instagram, showing the recording at the Wave House in Western Australia, where Innerspeaker recorded. Kevin Parker toured with Tame Impala and worked on many other musical projects, like Disco-Funk and AAA Aardvark Getdown Services.

Tame Impala’s Net Worth

Tame Impala is a musical band that has been very popular since 2007. It generated a significant net worth in America and all over the world. The estimated net worth of Tame Impala is about $5- 10 million.

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