Tattoos in College: How Students Express Their Individuality

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High school and college is the time for growing up, exploring new things, and forming your individuality. Students are trying to find their real selves not paying much attention to studies, which often leads to the questions «Can you help me do my homework?». In general, they are focused on self-expression that is done in many different ways: dying hair, wearing bracelets, and even making a tattoo.

Right now, over 25% of Americans have a tattoo, and there are no more prejudices stating that those with tattoos are bad guys. Half of these people have their first tattoo made in college under the age of 21. Even though many individuals think that it should be forbidden, we are sure that high school seniors and college students have the right to express themselves with the help of permanent ink designs.

Top Reasons for and Against having a Tattoo

Many people think that time in college should be devoted to studying and not demonstrating your inner world with different changes in your appearance. We don`t get how it can be connected: even if students can`t manage all tasks, they could always ask a writing service for help with the question «Can you write my paper?». At the same time, they may dress and look the way they like. Teenagers often face predictions of regretting the tattoo when they get older. First, according to statistics, just a small percent of those who made a tattoo in college then regretted it. Secondly, in the modern world, there are ways to remove a tattoo if you don`t like it anymore (it is expensive and painful, though).

Despite the fact that during the last few years, the number of people willing to remove a tattoo has increased, around 89% of tattoo owners are totally satisfied with their ink designs. Another top reason for removal becomes the loss of design popularity, poor execution, or even worse – the image of the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. There can be some truth behind the statement that the choice of art requires maturity, but maturity is never defined by age. Both teenagers and 30 years old people can fail to choose the right design, so this is a bad argument against having a tattoo when you are young.

How Schools React to Tattoos

Many schools forbid their students from having a tattoo as it may ruin the appearance of a student and the status of the school. It leads to more difficulties in choosing a college or applying for a job. According to the latest research, around 73% of tattoo owners strategically place it into easily concealed places. However, as the Millennials are gradually replacing older employees at work, offices around the country can become quite tolerant of tattoos. This will decrease the role of appearance in your job search success.

Imagine, how would you feel if your school or college has forbidden you expressing yourself via dying your hair, changing clothes, or having a tattoo or piercing? Of course, there are certain limits in school behavior, but in general, these things should be allowed to let young people demonstrate their preferences. Being the form of self-expression, tattoos, and piercings are things for which we have our civil rights. These exhibitions demonstrate who we are, what we like, and what we have in our hearts. Banning or not allowing it, schools take too much power to decide what people should and should not wear, have, and do, and this is not their responsibility.

There are some people who disagree and are sure that there should be certain discipline, common uniforms, and no tattoos at school as they distract students from learning. However, they forget that school is not only aimed at studying: it is the place to find yourself, get new interests, and understand whom you want to become in this quickly changing world. That is why schools should reconsider their rules and allow their students to be who they are. At last, when should we get tattoos if not when we are young?