Top 5 Features Required in a Food Delivery App

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It’s not a wonder that people adore having delicious food from different restaurants, but truly they are always not in the mood to go outside for dining. Instead, they aspire to enjoy the same taste of such restaurant foods at their own comfort, right at their home!

Probably, it’s the fact that the same idea made the restaurant owners think about such on demand food delivery scripts. It can be built either from scratch or using an UberEats clone.

If you share the same old school thoughts and look forward to delving deep into the food delivery business, then the competition is going to be really high. Before any further comprehensive plans, let’s get into this blog which shares the list of top 5 features that must be included in your food delivery script.

Live Tracking

It is a common statement that apps easily enable food delivery with just a click away on your fingertips. But in fact, it’s never like that. It’s pretty normal that the customer needs to wait. Unfortunately, the word “instant” has destroyed the term called “waiting”. So, now, what can please the customers then?

Live tracking is the answer. It’s natural that when you can’t wait to get something, you’ll just keep checking it often. And, that’s the exact same strategy for the food also. So, when you opt for food delivery app development or using an UberEats clone app, it’s important to add a live food-tracking feature to your very own food delivery.

Multiple Payment Options

Adding the multiple payment options is a must feature for your food delivery scripts like UberEats clone. These days people highly prefer online payments over in hand cash payments. This is because there are different payment gateways that offer amazing discounts. By adding multiple payment methods, more options are open to the people which rightly allows greater visibility to your brand.

Reward to the Loyal Customers

You really don’t have any chance of trying the game of monopoly, if you are not a restaurant owner, that too in terms of any particular dish or cuisine. And, that’s where the loyalty bonus or reward is one of the best fit to attract the potential new, as well as existing customers.

Never underestimate the power of rewards. This brings your customers again and again even back to your brand. You are aware of things about other food delivery apps. Same way, you can provide similar kinds of bonus points for your serving restaurants. This will surely help them to tightly stick with you rather than exploring any delivery options.


Have you heard it – Hit the iron when it’s too hot. If your offer reaches your customer an hour before their exact time like, lunch or dinner hours they will rightly hit it.

Push or pop up notifications are the best ways to tell the customers about live and ongoing offers. And, the great deal is that you can even promote the offers in the restaurants that are in and around the vicinity of the customer. So this is going to enhance more chances of gaining the attention.

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Food Customizations

Probably many haven’t witnessed this option, but don’t you want some extra cheese veggies in your pizza? Or, don’t you love to have extra veggies in your pasta? Similarly, people like to have the food in the exact right manner they want to.

If your UberEats clone enables them to go for such customization, you have the chance to win the on-demand market. Check for the preferences of the localities also makes sense. This way you can build more trust and can entertain new choices based on those different experiences.

Bottom Line

Are you juggling multiple thoughts to make a hit with your food delivery business? Then Deliware is the right choice. It’s totally exclusive and a unique UberEats clone with many distinct features.

Deliware is a PHP written script and open source software that is specifically built for fulfilling the purpose of a reliable and best Food App. This food app will surely stand in the food business and vie to assist you to outshine in Food Delivery Business.

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