Top Places To Visit When In Ahmedabad

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India is a beautiful country and the different states here boast of having a variety of interesting things for travellers to enjoy and explore. One such state located in the western part of the country is Gujarat. Ahmedabad is a wonderful state that is also regarded to be the heart of this state. Located along the Sabarmati River’s banks, it is a bustling city and is also Gujarat’s capital city. It is also the state’s largest city and was established Ahmed Shah Sultan in 1411 and hence has been named after him.

Cotton City

Besides boasting of having numerous five-star hotels in Ahmedabad Gujarat, it is also regarded to be a cotton city, occupying the second position as a producer in the country and also the 2nd oldest Indian stock exchange. This city contributes towards the highest income rate in the state, thus upgrading the GDP level, further boosting the city’s development and growth.

This city with time has developed into a supreme industrial and mercantile polestar, thus earning the title ‘Manchester of the East’. Times of India in the year 2012 had selected it as the very best city to reside. Forbes had listed it in third place as the fastest-growing city in the world.

Few Points To Consider

There are numerous destinations and monuments that are present here to be explored, attracting both international and domestic tourists from all over, throughout the year. Some of the attractions located here include the famous Sabarmati Ashram, which was once home to the famous Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Museum, Sidi Syed Mosque, Calico Textile Museum, Kankaria, Ellis Bridge, Jama Masjid, Nehru Bridge, etc.

Things To Do When in Ahmedabad City

Several options are present for travelers to enjoy during the trip. One can check out the famous art galleries and museums located here. Shopping is also termed to be a wonderful option with Bandhej, Gurjari, textile products found in bulk. Besides shopping, travelers can also get to taste spicy food in a typical traditional Gujrati Thali style. The food items generally include Khandvi, Doodhpak, surmai, Khaman dhokla, Shrikhand, etc. They can be found just about at any shop located here and are really tasty. The restaurants located at the top Ahmedabad luxury hotels are worth a rich dining experience. The traveler can also opt for budgeted hotel options depending upon his preference and desires.

Best Time To Make A Trip To Ahmedabad

It is from November to February that one should plan their trip to this capital city. The weather at this time is quite pleasant and the trip can be really mesmerizing and interesting. It is neither hot nor cold, but just perfect to make the trip. The nearest Airport is the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Intl. Airport.

It will be wise to book the hotel and tickets in advance to make sure that last moment disappointments are avoided and the trip made an interesting one. There are several reputed agents in the market, who can help develop the perfect itinerary to match the specific requirements, preferences, and moods.