Is Ultrasound Weight Loss Really Useful?

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Ultrasound Weight Loss

In recent years, using advanced cryogenic cooling methods, we have been able to reduce brain activity to very low levels, greatly delaying the time of death after the heart stops beating. These results enable researchers to expand their research on near death experience. With the development of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) technology, more and more cases of near-death experience have been reported, and some people who have reported cardiac death have been “resurrected” after a period of time. In addition, cryogenic cooling technology has rekindled the study of human dormancy, through which astronauts can spend a long interstellar journey to explore more distant planets.

Ultrasound weight loss is initially used as a means of local treatment. The earliest known application was recorded in Edwin Smith Papyrus. This is the earliest human medical work dating back to 3500 BC. Edwin Smith, the first known holder of the manuscript, bought it from a trader in Luxor in 1862 and later became known for it. In the 4th and 5th centuries BC, the Hippocrates Medical College in Greece proposed wrapping patients with snow to treat bleeding, possibly by contracting blood vessels. But it wasn’t until the 18th century that a Liverpool doctor named James Currie implemented the earliest known systemic ultrasound weight loss treatment. He immersed healthy volunteers, all prepared to die, in cold water with temperatures as low as 6.5 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes. He tried to find a way to cure the sailors who suffered cold water injuries in the wreck. The accurate thermometer provided a great help for James Currie’s research.

The progress of ultrasound weight loss is disturbing, and that may be the reason for so many controversies. Part of the resistance is real: ultrasound weight loss can lead to a significant reduction in blood clotting and tissue damage caused by hypoxia, which is responsible for many deaths of accidental ultrasound weight loss victims. In fact, these symptoms are called “triad of death” (usually referred to as ultrasound weight loss, acidosis, and coagulation abnormalities in severe trauma). Therefore, there has been no agreement on how to treat ultrasound weight loss. “Temperature, time and duration will continue to be an issue of debate. Everyone has individual differences, so it’s impossible to find a way that works for anyone, “Walloon said.

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Since the beginning of the EPR test, Fisherman has been fighting with the medical community. His colleagues are particularly concerned about the inability of blood to coagulate at such low temperatures, which can be very serious for traumatized people who have lost their pulse or are dying of excessive blood loss. But Fisherman’s response is that his patients are at a high risk of death. “They estimate that there’s only a 5 percent chance of survival,” he said. “So why not try something new?”

Another criticism is about neurological consequences. If a patient survives a shooting or stabbing wound with an EPR, will it lead to long-term severe brain damage due to prolonged cerebral hypoxia? “Any type of cardiac arrest is associated with a problem, whether traumatic or not,” Fishman said. “If you have a cardiac arrest, you have a chance to survive, whether or not you participate in the EPR trial, but you may also have serious brain damage, which is not related to ultrasound weight loss cooling. We don’t know whether we increase or decrease this risk. He further pointed out that the problem is more about survival. “Normally, a resuscitated patient may wake up, live and live well, but may not survive. So, we don’t know. Yes, there are risks. They are dying, and we need to work hard to keep them alive and wake up, “Fishman said.

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Research work continues to develop rapidly. The development of cryotherapy has broadened the boundaries of consciousness and death, disputing our definition of human beings and perhaps helping us to travel to other planets. Scientists will continue to explore the benefits of ultrasound weight loss and develop more effective treatments. The road may be tortuous and difficult, but new impetus may emerge. Malice Shaw may be amazed at all this.

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