How To Unblock Blocked Websites

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Unblock Blocked Websites

Nowadays, in the era of internet where everyone can get everything from the internet. Sadly, sometimes Google, Governments and other organization blocked some website in order to get protected from online hackers or censor content. That’s reasonable. But, when it comes to you while looking for something on the internet and stuck on the blocked website. At the time, you would definitely want to access blocked website. Hence, we have some to suggest few tips to unblock blocked websites.

These times, some worldwide popular media broadcasting websites like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go and other well-established website are regional blocked. Hence, you won’t be able to access its content if you are not in that Geo location. Similarly, some Government and schools authorities blocked some of their website with ISP for different users sharing the computer. Sometimes you need to get access to some websites. Thus, there are few workaround methods are available which can help you to unblock blocked websites.

How to access blocked websites [Few Working Methods]

1) Use Proxy Service:

You can use Proxy website or software to get access of locked website on your device. It works as the mediator to between your computer and the website that you have visited. Sometimes, if you are not an able access blocked site, you can ask the proxy to visit the site. The proxy will show he blocked a website. The proxy is specially designed considering several countries to use social networking website. But, later it works also to visit any website anonymously. You can use Hidester, ProxFree, KPROXY and number proxy service to access blocked sites.

2) Use VPN Service:

VPN (Virtual Private Network) connect your device to a new secure connection to another in internet and caret a new tunnel and change your current IP. Hence, once you enable VPN service then you will be able to access the restricted site and it won’t allow any third-person to track your location. So, there are tons of VPN service available online, you can choose wisely.

3) HTTP and HTTPS:

Today, Google is also having strict rules while considering the security is the websites. Hence, the latest Google’s rules compulsion every website to add an extra protection layer. Sometimes, when you are not able to access blocked a website, then the first things that you should try is adding or removing “s” to the “HTTP” at the starting of the URL. For example, if you are entering ‘’ and its blocked then try ‘’ Likewise, you can also replace ‘‘’ to ‘’

4) Use Google Translate:

Google Translate is the very tricky tool to visit blocked website. You might be wondering how to use Google Translate to unblock blocked website. Here’s your answer. Well, it is not possible for authorities to block Google Translate. Hence, you can convert text from one language to another language and then you will be able to get access to blocked content.  For that, you will need to choose the page language as other language and translated language as English and then enter the URL. After that, blocked side will be shown in English with any restriction.

5) Use Google Caches:

You can access blocked the website by Google caches. Because every website has the cached version even if the site is blocked or not. The Google’s cache will show you a website page when Google spiders index that page. You can find the Cached Version by entering cache: before the domain name, for example, You can also find the Cached file of the data while search in Google. The search engine will show you the Cached version under the results headline at the end of the URL the icon of drag down. Click on that, and you will see Cached and Similar. If you want to visit the cached version of the website, then click on Cached.

This is how you can get access to blocked websites on your computer. If you are still struggling with the same error, then share your problem with us in the comments.

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